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Hustler Plushie

CS Hustler

A shady businessman awaits you in this dark alley... What could he have to offer today?

Landshark Disaster Sticker

Refund Policy

If you purchase an item and within 10 days the price changes, file a ticket here to get the difference in CSC.
Note: we will not be matching prices for items purchased prior to the Black Friday sale.

Very Angry Bee

Looking for Custom Wearables?

Check out CW Shops (and your CW Feed), or head over to the Custom Clothing home page to create your own!

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Carefree Bard Performance Flyer
Shop Talk: Candy Shack
Shrouded Deaths Head Moth Doll

Warm Lantern
Red Bean Bun
Candy Cockatrice Scales
The time is here, what you’ve been waiting for all year… the Black Friday Sale! We’ve got new items, old items, discounts galore, and more!

Book of the Red Dragon
Well-Hung Meat
Velvet Plushie Sack
Delightful Gingersnap Cookie
Brown Aye Eye Brow Filler
Tome of Strength
We’ve brought back so many old items. Most items are discounted by 50%! The Battle, Collection, and CSC Card tabs are not discounted.

Unlike previous years, we’ve brought back every monthly collection. Even items from those collections that don’t have a box because they were from before May 2006. We hope you enjoy. <3

Saherimos Pet Bed
Puppy Dry Dog Food
Heart ID Tag

We’ve added 5 pet slots to both the Millionaire Center and Cash Shop. These are not discounted and will not expire after Black Friday. Just thought y’all would like a little extra treat. ;)

Crochet Hustler Plushie
From now on, the Cash Shop Hustler items will only cost 125 cash shop credits. We took user feedback that the price was too high for a lot of items that go into the queue.

Tourney Standard and Banners
Favors and Promises
Handforged Triskele Brooch
Medieval Wimple and Veil
There is a new Reward Card available to fill out! Remember that for each stamp you will earn Loyalty Points (LP) in ascending value to spend in the Loyalty Shop - stamp 1 is 1 point, stamp 2 is 2 points and so forth. Completing a card awards you 5 bonus LP, bringing the total for completing a card to 60LP.

You can fill this card up twice! You will get the same amount of points for filling out each card, so in total you have a chance of getting 120LP. You can spend these points in the Loyalty Shop. If you’re unsure if you’re on your first or second card, check out your current level. Levels 0-10 are for the first card, 11-20 are for the second card.

Frozen Skeleton Moose Plushie
Old Music Box
Melody and the Snow Fairies
The following items will retire from the Cash Shop after Black Friday is over. Any item brought back for Black Friday will also retire at the end of Black Friday.


The Red Rreign, The Playful Tempest, Melody and the Snow Fairies, Kiyo and the Ogre, Born from Stars.


Morostide Makeup Case.


Trapped Fog, Raven Statue, Old Music Box, Old Corn Husk, Broken Compass, Antique Iron Frame, Bottled Flowers, Fragrant Blossoms, Pressed Flower Frame, Memory Pendant, Seasoned Firewood, Old Cabin Key, Cozy Comforter, Strange Snowglobe, Frozen Branch, Carefully Packed Picnic Basket, Old Map and Keys, Captured Lightning Bugs, Freshly Bottled Flowers, Packed Beach Bag, Smoking Smudge Sticks, Smoking Smoked Salts, Cozy Sweaters, Cateye Glasses, Painted Geode Discs, Occultist Set, Witch Hunter Set, and Oversized Plush Set.


Galaxy Keychains, Lost Contacts.

Themed Sets

Crested Harpy Set, Frozen Bone Garden Fairy Set. Remember these items get moved to the Themed Set Vending Machine once they retire.


Vanity Hazy Set, Vanity Muggy Set, Vanity Sizzle Set, Vanity Parch Set, Vanity Mist Set, Vanity Mist Set, Vanity Float Set, Vanity Kind Set, Vanity Trail Set, Vanity Idle Set, Vanity Balmy Set, Vanity Traverse Set, Vanity Ruse Set, Vanity Novel Set, Vanity Nostalgic Set, Vanity Canny Set, Vanity Vivify Set, Vanity Simper Set, Vanity Popple Set, Vanity Nisus Set, Vanity Frisson Set, Vanity Vibes Set, Vanity Slack Set.


Loft, Bowman, Fair, Dollop, Clamor, Subdue, Wistful, Raffle, Root, Pique, Risk, Sing, Push, Key, Near, Hour, Case, Base, Bit, After, Sail, Stem, Count, Den, Remain, Tap Wry, Knot, Mere, and Tumble Hair Coupons.

Exclamation Sticker
Exclamation Sticker
Exclamation Sticker
Important Information
  • Black Friday ends at 11:59pm on November 30.

  • There are no discounts for Custom Wearables and there is no CW Pawn Shop during Black Friday. We will have some Custom Wearable themed things happening in December.

  • As we've mentioned previous years, these are no longer included in the Black Friday sale: pet slots, pet name changes, username changes, and pet overlays.

  • Trunks, Boutique items, and Chance Machines are all discounted. Enjoy!

  • All Boutique sets have been brought back. At the end of Black Friday, anything before Delish Air will be retired.

November 24, 2020 - [ Go to the news post ]

Cash Shop: Morostide Makeup Case

Morostide Makeup Case

Melting Makeup Kit
Caramel Apple Makeup Kit
Bubble Gum Brat Makeup Kit
Flipped Makeup Case
Shattered Makeup Kit
It’s not too late to change up your makeup for Morostide!

November 2, 2020 - [ Go to the news post ]

Cash Shop: November 2020 Collection

November 2020 Collection

Foraged Comb
Foraged Hair Accessories

Tattered Fall Foraging Poster
Pile of Truffles
Foraged Junk Journal
Foragers Basket
Practice your foraging skills with the items in this month’s collection from the Cash Shop!

November 2006 Donation Present
November 2007 Donation Present
November 2008 Donation Present

November 2009 Collection
November 2010 Collection
November 2011 Collection
November 2012 Collection
November 2013 Collection

November 2014 Collection
November 2015 Collection
November 2016 Collection
November 2017 Collection
November 2018 Collection
November 2019 Collection
You can also purchase one of our older November Donation Presents or Collections!

November 1, 2020 - [ Go to the news post ]

Cash Shop: Shadowglen Backwoods Legendary Track

I gotta say, my ghost outfit was quite the hit. In fact, I couldn’t get the spirits to stop talking to me.  Let’s just say I now know the entire Skelly family tree’s personal idiotic grudges that they still hold onto even in death. Did you know that one year, Frideswithe’s pumpkin patch encroached onto some cousin’s turnip field and the whole thing turned into an ugly legal battle? Well now you do, and you didn’t have to sit through a three-hour lecture on it.

I finally got around to asking if anybody had heard of any legendary creatures, and they all got deathly quiet. One finally spoke, and in a very ominous tone said, “Turnip Head Ambrose.” Apparently, about a century ago, a giant prize-winning turnip was stolen from the Shadowglen Faire. They never found out who did it, but a string of arsons happened out in the woods soon after. The locals spoke of a cackling ghostly with a turnip jack-o-lantern head prowling wherever the fires popped up, and eventually, people learned to steer clear of the area. Only tourists and fools visit this part of the forest anymore, but I guess that’s what this thing prefers. It really, really likes fire and pranks and I’ve got first-hand experience.

I stumbled upon a headless scarecrow in the middle of a FOREST and that really should have set off some alarm bells, but no, I had to investigate. Suddenly, this giant purple tuber is screaming down towards me, the scarecrow body has burst into flames and is thrashing about, and the air is filled with the most unsettling screechy laughter I’ve ever heard in my life. Then I realize that something’s set me on fire so I just start running and flailing. I can only hope I didn’t look as stupid as I felt. My ghost outfit is, quite literally, toast.

Shadowglen Backwoods Legendary Track
The good news is that Ambrose left behind this Shadowglen Backwoods Legendary Track, so we can give him some payback.

Riverside Meander Legendary Track will retire on November 1.

October 31, 2020 - [ Go to the news post ]

Cash Shop: Celestial and Lycanthrope Sets

Lycanthrope Warning Poster
Lycanthrope Spilled Hair Tonic
Lycanthrope Dulled Safety Razor
Lycanthrope Shredded Doll
Lycanthrope Shredded Clothes
Lycanthrope Shattered Silver Locket

Lycanthrope Set Trap
Lycanthrope Moonlit Pearl
Lycanthrope Discarded Silver Earring
Lycanthrope Discard Moon Phases Chart
Lycanthrope Collected Claws
Lycanthrope Busted Music Box

Celestial Witch Right Glove
Celestial Witch Stardust Eyedrops
Celestial Witch Constellation Bow
Celestial Witch Lunar Familiar
Celestial Witch Levitating Potion
Celestial Witch Left Glove

Celestial Witch Stardust Lip Balm
Celestial Witch Stardust Hair Mousse
Celestial Witch Crescent Moon Dress
Celestial Witch Constellation Wrap
Celestial Witch Flowing Stardust Gown
Celestial Witch Hat
How do you react to the moon and stars? Do you turn into a hairier form or are you filled with magic?

October 28, 2020 - [ Go to the news post ]