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Custom Clothing

Subeta's Custom Clothing feature allows you to be in control of what your avatar wears from head to toe! For a modest price, you can submit your original art for staff approval to be added as an item on Subeta! These items will have a unique Custom Clothing rarity, and you will be given ten pieces of your new clothing, which you may keep for yourself, give to friends or sell to fellow members of Subeta. It's up to you!

Wearable preview: Friendship CubeWearable preview: Royal Starlit LocksWearable preview: Poetic Pagan Pearls
Some of the user submitted content already on the site!
If you are going to submit custom clothing, you are going to need an avatar base to draw on. We have provided a couple of full size bases for you to download below. When drawing your clothing, take notice of subtle differences between the male and female shapes, especially the waist! They are not the same.
Female | Male
In order for your item to be approved, it must meet a few rules and guidelines. Since we do not offer pre-approval via tickets, comments, sMail or other means of contact, make sure you pay attention to each of these bullets for the best chance of having your submissions accepted more quickly. If your item is submitted and denied ten (10) times, any further submission of the item (including edits and recolors) will be automatically denied. Please remember that we reserve the right to deny any item for any reason. We may at any time release official items on Subeta that are similar to custom items. Anything you submit, including items based on personal characters, becomes property of Agoge, Incorporated.

Item Guidelines

  • Your overlay image may not facilitate the creation of vulgar or offensive avatars.

  • The item name and artwork must accurately portray the image worn on the avatar. For example, you may not have a cupcake item with a wig for the overlay. You may, however, have an overlay that is a cupcake held in the avatar's hand.

  • Your item may not be anything that would be put in a collection on Subeta, including but not limited to stickers, plushies, trading cards or beanbags. Likewise, you may not make any collectible item, minion, or book (official or not) an article of custom clothing.

  • Your item's name must be unique. Do your research and make sure there isn't an item on Subeta-- custom or official-- with the same name!

  • You may not replicate, duplicate, heavily reference or edit any existing items on site.

  • If your item is affected by gender, e.g., items on the chest layer, you must have an appropriately edited version for male and female bases.

  • Your item should be drawn only for one layer in the wardrobe. Full outfits must be split into multiple items. You likewise may not draw two or more pieces for one layer in a single item unless there is no logical way to wear them separately.

  • You may not submit facial features including lips, noses, or eyes. You may submit CWs that enhance these features such as makeup that works with existing base eyes or lips.

  • You may not give your items "designer" names or sneak personal references into item descriptions. This means that you may not give a collection of items a "brand" name, and you may not include your username or variations on your username in the name or description. There are two exceptions to this rule: hairstyles and cult names. Cult names and logos may be used in item and overlays. Hairstyles may carry a name for the style itself., e.g., Black Mary Sue Curls, Blonde Mary Sue Curls. If this name is applied to another hairstyle and not a color variation of the original Mary Sue Curls style, it would be deemed a brand name and denied.

  • We will no longer allow users to submit items by Subeta users that are currently either banned from custom items or frozen for reasons such as art theft, tracing, failure to list/label tributes and sources, etc. If your artist has never been a Subeta user, you are assuming all risk for art you submit. Failure to properly identify artists or to get around this rule can result in an official warning for scamming!

Wearable preview: Cornsilk Aoife WaveWearable preview: Midnight Aoife WaveWearable preview: Velvet Aoife Wave

Image Standards

Remember these images are to be used in combination with existing Subeta items, and therefore they should match up with our level of quality and style!
Loud Red Curls
Exotic Halftop
Denim Boot Booty Shorts
  • Item images should be 64 pixels square with a white background and saved as .gif files.

  • Overlay images should be 125px x 250px and saved as transparent .png files.

  • The maximum file size is 500kB.

  • Your item and clothing image must have black lineart. Some features like auras and fire are exceptions to this rule and will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

  • Your item and overlay images should both have a minimum of 3-5 layers of shading.

Tribute Items

It's natural to want to put an item from your favorite character or story on your avatar, and we call these items "tributes." To avoid any issues with copyright or trademark infringement, we ask you to follow another set of guidelines when submitting a tribute item. We also strongly suggest that you modify your tribute items to belong in the world of Subeta and make multiple changes to the original source to ensure that it is accepted.
Incorrect Tribute

Correct Tribute
  • Gives a Subeta Spin on the original concept.
  • Incorporates a Subeta pet color - Steamworks.
  • Incorporates a Subeta pet species - Kumos.
  • Has at least 4 changes from the original source.

When submitting a tribute item, you will have the option to explain to staff what you are paying tribute to, show your reference material, and explain in detail the changes you have made from it. The more information you give staff, the more you will help have your item accepted faster. Be thorough!

Now, you're all ready to go! We look forward to seeing your submissions soon!