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Happy 16 Years, Subeta!

Sweet 16 Sticker
Happy 16th Anniversary, Subeta!

It’s been a wild ride, right? Instead of adding a ton of new items, we decided to open the day by reflecting on the community Subeta has built.

I asked Staff and Minimods earlier this week what their favorite parts of the site are or to share some fond memories.

I enjoy the community and brainstorming dumb strats w my battle peeps to kill big things.
My favorite memory is the time during survival? when the users harvested organs from each other. Like that was my idea and everyone went with it lawl
Ok yall are gonna laugh but I REALLY enjoyed that one Survival where everything was bug themed
I mean in all the sappy honesty - my favorite memory was when I ended up reaching out to another user on a whim who was also interested in creating avatars/wearables and wanted to start up a thread (then a fan page) of creating/judging avatars. It's where I met two lovely ladies who ended up becoming my best friends for the past 7 years! So thank you Subeta for introducing me to my all time favorite beings!
I hope every user has been able to make close friends with various other users. I’m thankful every day I get to work with coworkers (and family!) and I’ve been able to make friends with so many users. Like a lot of younger users, I’ve grown up on this site. My entire teenage years were on here! I don’t know what I’d do without y’all and from the staff, we hope you continue to enjoy the site. <3

Let us know what your hope and dreams for the site are along with your favorite memories.
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Posted by Amber


Have a wonderful birthday, Subeta! Thanks for being my lil' escape for the past 13 years.


Happy Anniversary Subeta :heart:.
Thank you for all the wonderful years of memories and fun.
I just reached the 16 years 2 days mark and I'm very thankful to be a member of the site for all these years :).
Just being accepted here is enough of a reason for me to stay here all this time.
I've seen a lot of changes over the years and what touches my heart the most through it all is the kindness and caring of all members and staff :heart:.


So amazing... in less than 2 weeks from today I will have been around this site for 12 years!
I have a special gallery I've been working on since I joined for each Subeta Birthday too! I'm still missing a few items here & there... but it's a nice looking gallery :) I am sad that there have been less and less "goodies" so to speak each year, though I guess that's what happenes when adulthood finally comes. So amazing to have stuck around this long! Thanks for being here for us!!


Happy Anniversary Subeta!


I've been on Subeta for over 11 years, met some fantastic people who are so kind and accepting and really helped me during a very tough time. My favorite activities are battling, then role-playing on the Midnight Lamp and Wayward Squirrel forums. My most favorite memory was the Murder Mystery Masquerade, probably the best plot ever ( I missed the Pirate/Islander plot by only a week...) What made it memorable for me was discovering that the Snowtapault was still operational and so my little ADHD brain and I started a war. When I met Keith at the San Francisco meet up in Feb 2014, he just shook his head and muttered, "That was you?" I love Subeta, the people, the creativity and the friendships. Happy 16th Birthday Subeta!


I just checked my dashboard and I've been on Subeta for 14 years, 2 months, and 3 days.. Wow. Back then there were no human avatars, there was an Oekaki with a really sweet, supportive community, and I used to follow Keith on deviantart LOL. Years ago I met a girl that lived in my state on here and we went on to date for 3 years (broken up now but no hard feelings, we're even still friends on here!) My life (like many others) has had a lot of ups and downs but one constant has always been Subeta <3

All that being said, I think one of my favorite things about Subeta is just the community. As a whole, everyone seems fairly polite and supportive - I'm not on the forums as much these days and I mostly just quietly lurk and play a few games a day between work and everything else - but Subeta was one of the first inclusive spaces I'd ever discovered.

Alright, grandma's shutting up now ;D


A very happy anniversary, Subeta! ^_^


happy 16th Subeta!!! <3


My absolute favorite times on here have been in the Survival strain tracking threads, trying to guess what each one is developing into, and brainstorming about good names for them. Two of my suggestions have become the official names, and that fills me with a little tingle of pride every time I see them.


I loved the time when we had to figure out how to defeat that Troll in the Battle Arena, and we all got together on the Battle Forums, telling each other what had worked (or usually, not worked) to kick that Troll's butt. Subeta is a real community and I love that.


@Amber will the special birthday items be added back to quest shop?
Grimy Cake Sticker
Birthday Fairy Doll
A History of Birthdays
and I think there were others.


I have met a lot of awesome people on here. Some of them I keep in contact with off of subeta as we had similar interests.


It's been almost 12 years for me. Thanks for the memories, Subeta!


Happy birthday you big beautiful baby <3


Happy 16th anniversary! ^_^


Happy Anniversary, Subeta ❤ Thank you for distractions from the crazy real world, for a safe place, a several amazing people I have met through you. Here's to many more.


So happy to see that so many others have made lasting friendships and even met their significant other on this site! I myself also met my now husband on Subeta 8 years ago. Never would have thought a simple hello to a random user one ordinary afternoon would change my life. We're celebrating 3 years of marriage this weekend! Even though we don't play much anymore, I'll always come back to this site. We have Subeta to thank for so many years of wonderful memories!

Happy Birthday Subeta! Here's to many more years of bringing people together!


@Cream We've left it closed while we figure out the rest of the lag issues. The SB doesn't help things!


One year on my birthday Keith had a livestream and he told me happy birthday. I remember being so excited and uploading it to my Facebook to show all of my friends XD

Thanks for all the great memories, Subeta


Happy Birthday Subeta....

Have lots of fun over the years plots and the battle love the food...
friends made as well...keep going for many more years to come..


@gitto Well, we did have all those cakes last year X) But I'm happy enough with the sticker, and I heard some older items might be involved later.

@Cream Keel Hauliday is coming up (although it might be delayed a bit, I don't know yet) so by now there's probably not much point in putting it back there only to take it off again.


I met this girl that was as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and I can say that doesn't happened a lot these days. Roxy had flowers sent to my house in a time of need, and that sealed the deal on what an amazing person I knew she was. Since then she has became a beautiful bride, a beautiful mother to a son and a few days ago a wonderful mother to a daughter!

I have made some pretty kick ass friends on here and if not for Subeta I wouldn't even known them. For this I am grateful! <3

As for some fun stuff on Subeta. I loved the restock / battle war and always love me some Morostide!

Thank you Subeta for all the great memories and sometimes the extra gray hairs!


Happy birthday Subeta!

Many ups and downs with the site but I always come back! My very good friends are always here when I need them and I met one of my BFFs here! :heart: Thanks for everything!


Happy birthday Subeta! I'm glad to have gotten to your sweet 16 with you!


Since the quest a thon is over, can we have the shoutbox back on the sidebar now instead of only just the full page version?


Wow....we're *old*! Happy Birthday to all the users - newbies and oldies, alike - on reaching this milestone. This site actually got me through my college years when I needed something to distract my brain from being all schoolworked-out (this includes writing a 40+ page thesis in my senior year on Bram Stoker's Dracula:p)

I agree with everyone who posted positive comments on the staff: I can count on one hand the amount of sites that I've been on where the staff has truly been a pleasure working with. As far as the community is concerned: Ditto to what I just said!

My dreams/wishes for the future: That we continue to expand and remain as active as ever! I've seen the death of many of the game communities flounder because users just lost interest in them, so keep on cranking out those QaT's, Subeta Team!


My hope and dream is for boppers and pirates this year.


You’ve not added new items on here for years for anniversaries haha


Happy 16th Anniversary, Subeta. I know I've only been on this site for about half of that, but I've seen a lotta folks come and go and others stick around. I know the site ain't in the best of spirits right now, but I know you guys behind the computer are working hard to keep the spirit going. For you mods, and those who have stuck around on Subeta, I hope your days are filled with prosperity and good health.


Happy Birthday Subeta!
This has been all I do during my free time for YEARS!
Two of my fondest memories here, of being befriended right away and invited to the lair, NICEST people in the world; and being a newbie here someone putting in trades bunches of clothes for me to add to my wardrobe. I have tried to follow that example of friendliness here.


Happy birthday Subeta! ♥


Happy birthday Subeta! I remember being in high school and signing up over 15 years ago. I always come back here, no matter what. Here's to 16 more years! ♥️


Happy Birthday Subeta!


My life wouldn't be the same without you.


Happy Birthday! :-)
I think my favorite memories are of the plots, too- especially the Blake Steele and the masquerade plots.
Also, I'm still always exited when a new pet/color/species is released. Yay pets!


Happy Birthday Subeta! So many friendly people here and such personal attention from staff when you have a question or problem -- there's no other site quite like it.


Happy Birthday and congratulations turning the germ of an idea into this wonderful community. Have been on this site for almost 15 years and love it for so many different components. And thank you.


Happy Sweet 16, Subeta! <3
Here's hoping for at least 16 more, I love Subeta and all the amazing people who make it what it is :D


Happy birthday Subeta! Subeta has been a place for me to get away from the real world and meet nice people. It's also helped me connect with one of my good friends over the years.


Happy anniversary Subeta! I still remember the shock I experienced when I opened several forum posts and I found people talking civilly to one another... that's when I decided to stick around for a while. Well, 13 years later I'm still here and I still love this site so much (and I still miss the Holiday Shop *sigh*)


Wow, Subeta is sixteen and I'm fifty four on the same day. I keep forgetting we share a birthday! Subeta has been a key factor in giving structure to my daily life since being disabled from work so many years ago. Having daily tasks to look forward to that doesn't exacerbate my chronic injuries is a definite enrichment for me. Thank you Subeta team!


Subeta has had its fair share of difficulties over the years and I know a lot of us are quick to complain when stuff goes wrong. But at the end of the day, we're all still here and I think that says a lot about how much people actually do care about this site and the community. There are always going to be things that could be better, but we still manage to have a lot of fun!

I'm not quite as active anymore as I used to be, but I can't see myself actually leaving as long as the site is still accessible lol. <3


happy sweet 16, subeta :) keep on keepin on!!!


happy bday Subeta! :heart: i'm so glad i relented to my neo guildie's pleading and came over here to give it a try. i haven't looked back! (she's now fairly inactive, but i've met other cool people here so it's ok)
ps, harvesting organs?! that sounds fun! bring that back!
(pps, "Ok yall are gonna laugh but I REALLY enjoyed that one Survival where everything was bug themed" -- was that Bug? that was Bug surely lol XP :heart: )


Happy Anniversary Subeta. Have a Sweet 16th!


Happy Birthday Subeta! And that means I joined when Subeta was only three years old!


Happy birthday, Subeta! I loved all the plots (especially Survival!) and I love all of the holiday events. Here's to many more years!


The cosplay events were by far my absolute favorite memory. All the nerdy themed items, all the neat cosplaying avatars, the non-biased voting system so people weren't winning by popularity. I really wish Epicon could come back to Subeta, I used to get excited every year around the time it would happen, until it just.. wasn't a thing anymore. Those two years were awesome.


16 years already! You can be proud of yourself <3 this site has always been a great place


Happy Birthday Subeta!


Happy 16th Anniversary Subeta! I loved the Atebus Revolution Masquerade plot and the Survival plot! I wish we good have some more plots I love battling and all the help from people on the battle chat forum.


I do not remember the organ harvesting Survival and I’m very sad I don’t.


What impressed me and has kept me coming back for years is the community... users & staff. No matter how many games, events, etc. a site has, if people tend to focus on the negative or staff isn't open, it can create an unpleasant atmosphere. Here, many people support each other and I find staff makes a huge effort to communicate with us and care about what we have to say... they even make great friends :heart:

I remember when I had just started... I felt awkward and behind starting over on a new site. I was impressed at the kindness of users wanting to help make me feel welcome... not just with gifts or support for events, but also open to who I was as a person instead of getting upset or mocking me. Not everyone likes the same things or has the same beliefs, etc. but here we can respectfully agree to disagree and find ways to be better together. What also impressed me was the overwhelming kindness of people helping let others know that they're not alone and thought of during Luminarie (other times as well, but especially during this time). It's the kind people behind the screens that keep me coming back.


Happy Birthday Subeta! :heart:


Click on the "happy 16th Anniversary" header.


Don't forget to add the Longtime Member 16 year Achivement :o....unless its stopping at 15...then :'( :'( :'(


Can you believe it ive been here more than a decade.


I love subeta and I’m so grateful beacuse I met all my girls but seriously no new items ?!! We haven’t new items in age . I’m so sad tbh .


Hapy birthday! Wishing many more years to come on this pleasant corner of the Internet.
I have fond memories of playing Subeta and i'll always cherish them. ♥️


happy birthday, Subeta! You've been here for me since my teenage years and you've always been a source of fun and comfort <3 i think its gonna be 12 years for me this winter :'D
also those quotes are making me emotional, we love family <3


happy sweet 16 subeta! :heartpulse:


I've been on Subeta for a long time. So many memories and friendships, and wild adventures. It's been my one-stop for many years so far :)


You've earned the Longtime Member achievement!

I joined on Subetas 2nd Anniversary. Even though I don't play as much as I used to, I still love been here and am thankful for everything the site has given me x3


Happy 16th Birthday Subeta! I made a couple of friends on here but I always love the site. Most people here are wonderful and I love how the staff here actually listen to us


I've met soooo many people through Subeta it's wild and not even just from America like all over the world from China to Korea to The Philippines to Australia to Germany and England and Brazil and Canada. I joined right after my twins were born in 2006 and now they are old enough to have accounts just aren't active. Love seeing when push comes to shove Keith and other staff members show they do care about this site and all the different things Keith has learned over the years to keep it going.


Happy anniversary, Subeta! Congratulations on 16 years!


Happy 16th Subeta.

Love you!


happy anniversary subeta~ ily


Yes I did make friends. Not sure how much of a friend they consider me, but it's still nice to talk to them and see them online.

2 more years and I'll have been on this site for about half of it.


@Lavabeast :sob::heart:


maybe the real adventure was the friend we met along the way 😭😭


Happy sweet 16! Been there for 13 of those awesome years!
Found two good friends here whom I still talk to, after 13 frigging years xD Longest friendships of my life!
What I absolutely ADORE about Subeta is how the staff is always doing their absolute best to make us happy!
How you can feel safe on this website, no matter what.
I never ever met a person on Subeta (staff or user) who has been negative in any way. And that`s what I love most. All are welcome as they are <3
Love you, you awesome people! <3


I don't know - Subeta is so much more than a petsite. I found some caring friends here and the community is very close and good to one another. Happy Sweet 16, Subeta. You are funny, creative and incredibly responsive to us Subetans. I hope Subeta goes on forever!


next up: subeta goes to college


I loved, loved, LOVED the early years of Survival and all the role playing that came out of it. Two of the groups the ZHA and the UWO are still around...we still get into character ever holiday event, they are an awesome group of people!


Happy sweet 16 to Subeta! You've grown up so well <3


Happy sweet 16! I've been here for over 13 of those years.


Happy 16th, Subeta! Here's to another 16, and many more!!


I met my now best friend here and some great artists and nice people =).


OMG!! How do I explain what this site and the people I have met here have done for me - both here on Subeta and in RL. The support, help, caring and love I have been given by my bestest friends have got me thru some really bad times.

My dreams and hopes for Subeta? I hope it remains in my life for ever!!!


Happy birthday, Subeta!


Wow! 16 years? This game sure has been around awhile, I'm a new user, only been playing for a couple of months. That Survival thing sure sounds interesting. Well here's to a good next year!


Happy birthday, Subeta!


I met my now husband on here, so super grateful for subeta. We now have 2 kids together ♥️

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