Lobotomies has a minion!

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Legacy Name: Lobotomies

The Bloodred Harvester
Owner: Tinkerbabe

Age: 13 years, 6 months, 2 days

Born: July 15th, 2007

Adopted: 11 years, 1 week ago

Adopted: January 9th, 2010


  • Level: 717
  • Strength: 1,793
  • Defense: 1,799
  • Speed: 1,790
  • Health: 1,797
  • HP: 1,797/1,797
  • Intelligence: 1,244
  • Books Read: 1215
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Managing Editor

Happiness is being adopted by Tinkerbabe and I am having a blast as her second battler (someday her first). Nicodemeus gets to be her first battler because she's smarter but I am scarier looking. Tinkerbabe was letting Euclid zap, zap, zap so I could gain stats and try out new looks to confuse the enemy! I started as a Bloodred Anyu but was zapped a Cream Sheeta, Experiment 84, Glade Donadak, Golden Sheeta, Experiment 5162, Golden Hippottu, Experiment 375, Experiment 1337, Dawn Fester, Experiment 188, Dusk Serpenth, Experiment 893, Nuclear Swampie & a Golden Torrent!

I am BAD & GLAD! Grrrrrrr

...Shhhh, do not tell anyone that I am not staying that way!; it is a SECRET!!!

Finally, July 8, 2018 I gulped down a Bloodred Harvester Elixir and changed my name from Position to Lobotomies! Everyone will fear me now! :D

Pet Treasure

Spooky Pipe Organ

Bloodred Charlie Plushie

Bloodstone Bear Figurine

Dragon Breath

Armored Groblen

Experiment 357 Plushie

Voodoo Doll


Bloodred Bunny Toy


Bloodred Harvester Beanbag

Bloodred Harvester Plushie

Bloodred Harvester Elixir

Sock Puppet of Rage



Jabbering Skull

Graveyard Nail Bat

Bloodred Scribble Devonti Sticker

Bunny Voodoo Doll

Brown Possessed Teddy Plushie

Pumgpulnug Plushie



Bloodred Bunny Toy

White Possessed Teddy Plushie

Milky Brain Puff

Bloodred Clawsion Plushie

White Possessed Teddy Plushie


Chittering Beanbag

Rabid Jelly Cup

Disassembled Gingerbread Pieces

Ebil Dust Bunny

Haunted Eclipse Charm

Ripped Teddy Bear Plushie

Brown Possessed Teddy Plushie

Leftover Stuffed Pepper Plushie


Vampire Bear

Lobotomeat Infected Turnip

Bloodred Balloon


Bloodred Rubber Monster Mask

Vampires Accessory Trunk

Mini Mister Vampire Plushie



Bloodred Serpenth Beanbag



Demonic Peeper of Doom

Chaotic Coastal Doll Plushie

Fake Bloodred Potion

Ebil Blob Doll

Cursed Pencil

Bloodred Furikake

Demonic Plushie

Death Charm

Cruento Dolor

Murderous Gingerbread Man

Bloodred Aeanoid Root

Dark Elegance

Bloodred Charlie Plushie

Bloodred Clawsion Plushie

Demon Wing

Bloodred Pearasaur


Pumpkins That Eat Things

Bloodred Torrey Elixir

Bloodred Carrot Plushie

Blood-Filled Hourglass

The Pumpkin Carver

Shattered Hourglass

Blood Bubble Gum

Bloodred Wyllop Plushie

Year Eight Paralix Planner

Bloodclot Zombear Plushie

Omen Red-Eye

Blood Aged Scotch

Face-Eater Manifesto

Bleeding Rose of Deepest Blackness

Bloodred Hikei Elixir

Bound and Chained Evil

Floppy Bat

Muffin Mans Armor


Battle Coliseum

My Life as a Blood Drinker

Bloodred Potion

Bloodred Velvet Cake


Tales of the Heart

Bloodred Potion

Bloodred Torrent Plushie

Bloodred Anyu Beanbag

Rubber Duckie of Violent Death

Dark Thing in a Box

Bloodstain Removal

Ultra Sword

Dragon Blood


I Love Your Blood Type

Bloodred Pet Rock


Mutated Heart

Bloodred Escalade Plushie

The Vampire Hunt

Monstrous Tales

Doves Blood

Tales of Blood Book Tape

Pet Friends

Related by blood!

Third string battler, lol!

Dr. Lobotomy
He’s a famous doctor!