ClowningAround has a minion!

Happyface the Clown Spider

Legacy Name: ClowningAround

The Blacklight Xotl
Owner: Tinkerbabe

Age: 13 years, 4 months, 2 weeks

Born: September 2nd, 2007

Adopted: 9 years, 10 months, 3 days ago

Adopted: March 16th, 2011


  • Level: 90
  • Strength: 210
  • Defense: 203
  • Speed: 202
  • Health: 201
  • HP: 201/201
  • Intelligence: 300
  • Books Read: 285
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Head of Operations

Clowns & Dolls! Oh my!

These treasure chest items are dedicated to all those folks who are afraid of clowns and dolls. You all have been watching way too many horror movies. Clowns are for humor and dolls are pretty, truly.

She’s a cutie!
Living Plushie

Pet Treasure

School Girl Fashion Doll

Minty Plushie

Adorable Scarecrow

Witch Miniature

Sephora Beanbag

Angelic Trow

Alexander Plushie

Gunter Plushie

Creepy Clown Ruffie Plushie

Elwood Tree Decoration

Happy Zombie Sticker

Bottled Voodoo Doll


Shinwas Backpack

Viceroy Falc Plushie

Super-Deformed Fester Doll

Looming Big Top

Denial Plushie

First Mate Rag Doll

Calvin Blackmoon Plushie

Sad Right Face Scar Doll

Love Voodoo Plushie

Kung-Fu Old Wizard Action Figure

Ominous Tan Fabric Burlap Doll

Pirate Harvester Plushie

Johnny Misfit Doll

Ruby Lee Doll

Winter Fun Fashion Doll

Sour Rock Candy Reaper

Curious Little Ash Doll

Grand Rag Doll

Handmaiden Rag Doll

Venomous Rag Doll

Graceful Garden Witch Plushie

Pale Rag Doll

Spiced Lollipop Reaper

Spiced Rock Candy Reaper

Haunted Rag Doll

Sour Gooey Candy Reaper

Younger Rag Doll

Pumpkin King Rag Doll

Goth Girl Rag Doll

Doll Face Rag Doll

Minotaur Rag Doll

Yeti Rag Doll

Graceful Sea Witch Plushie

Graceful Garden Witch Plushie

Tooth Fairy Rag Doll

Sad Left Shoulder Scar Doll

Number One Fan Rag Doll

Living Plushie

Sweet Rock Candy Reaper

Obnoxious Rag Doll

Curious Little Humphrey Doll

Grief Rag Doll

Sad Left Leg Scar Doll

After Midnight Rag Doll

Graceful Storm Witch Plushie

Unfortunately Curious Bovyne Plushie

Sad Stomach Scar Doll

Eager Dentist Plushie

Telekinetic Rag Doll

Sad Left Arm Scar Doll

Sour Gooey Candy Reaper

Witch Rag Doll

Graceful Cosmic Witch Plushie

Graceful Stone Witch Plushie

Lesser Nobility Plushie

Bruno and Carmela Plushies

Captain Quetzal Plushie

Dawn Xotl Beanbag

Viceroy Falc Plushie

Doctor Rag Doll

Mini Mister Vampire Plushie

Quentin Beanbag

Merbaby Cassidy Plushie

Limited Edition Gregory Plushie

Smiling Atebus Fairy Sticker


Belial Plushie

Apprentice Wizard Plushie

Princess Liara Plushie



Waradorstiltskin Plushie

Luminous Pumpkin Sprite Beanbag

Creepy Doll in a Bonnet Plushie


Cherry Lifelike Xotl Doll

Vintage Clown Plushie

Skitin Doll

Angry Rag Doll

Clown Silly Poodle Plushie


Witchy Poppet Plushie

Bebemelody Plushie

Festive Melody Plushie

Gingerbread Girl Beanbag

Helpful Sewing Bear

Creepy Doll Collection

Elwood Plushie

Lily Lace

Travel Ready Laure Plushie

Defect Plushie

Extreme Weapon Addict Plushie

Deadly Bella Plushie

Knitsy Ann


Wedding Fashion Doll

Doll of Misforture

Chaotic Coastal Doll Plushie

Cheerful Rag Doll Plushie

Squared Fruit

Friendly Plushie

Ebil Clown Doll Plushie

Cursed Doll

Sinister Flopit Figurine

Captain Quetzal Plushie

Liberated Garden Gnome

Atebus Fairy Doll

Rave Adriette Plushie

Rave Garret Plushie

Harlequin Rag Doll


Liam on a Leash

Recycle Beast Fangirl Plushie

Innocent Subetan Ball Jointed Doll

Village Idiot Plushie

Jack of the Box

Tiffanie Collectible Plushie

Spooky Pipe Organ

Pete Plushie

Pet Matryoshka Dolls

Mini Mister Vampire Plushie

Female Zombie Minion

Male Zombie Minion

Johannes Plushie

Deranged Monster

Fruit Balloon Bunch

Creepy Naked Doll

Unfriendly Plushie

Boy Wonder Rag Doll

Blake Steele Doll

Chemist Rag Doll

Hot Pink Clown Wig

Fantine Bobblehead


Friendly Clown Sticker

Mauve Bobblehead

Rock and Roll Clown Collectible Card

Purple Clown Wig

Black Pompadour Doll

Marcel Martenez Bobblehead

Titania Bobblehead

Creepy Clown Ruffie Plushie

Orange Clown Wig

Hessian and Lace Flower Picker Plushie

Temictzin Bobblehead

Songaa Bobblehead

Blonde Pompadour Doll

Alien Rag Doll

Mismatched Shoes Clown Doll

Garret Bobblehead

Atebus Fairy Doll

Bruno and Carmela Plushies

Sarah Bobblehead

Ballerina Fashion Doll

Amazing Rag Doll

Victoria Bobblehead

Melody Bobblehead

Gage Doll

Jade Bobblehead

Vernon Yun Bobblehead

Joyce Bobblehead

Emma Bobblehead

Jack Cardale Bobblehead

Maybel Bobblehead

Charity Bobblehead

Adriette Bobblehead

Amy Bobblehead

Collectible Ecks Plushie

Benjamin Plushie

Girly Zombie Plushie

Mattieu Plushie

Connie Plushie

Robot Rag Doll

Ghostly In The Box

Cabana Boy Doll Plushie

Little Joker

Greedy Guts


Clown Fish

Puffy Shoulders Clown Doll

Scary Clown Beanbag

Sad Clown Beanbag

High Waisted Clown Doll

Happy Clown Beanbag

Boxing Glove Clown Doll

Blue Clown Wig

The Truth About Clowns

Clown Flopit Figurine

Freedom Poodle

Exploding Clown Doll

Big Collar Clown Doll

Mister Giggle-Pants

Pet Friends

We've been to the islands and back!

It’s okay, they won’t hurt you....

Sure hope the 68 isn’t a body count!

Clowns will make you happy!

Leader by 6, right!