Rheeta has a minion!

Love Bug the Sweetshell

Legacy Name: Rheeta

The Cream Sheeta
Owner: Taiho

Age: 12 years, 6 months, 2 weeks

Born: May 19th, 2008

Adopted: 12 years, 6 months, 2 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: May 19th, 2008 (Legacy)

Nominate Pet for Spotlight


  • Level: 59
  • Strength: 137
  • Defense: 128
  • Speed: 129
  • Health: 129
  • HP: 129/129
  • Intelligence: 71
  • Books Read: 64
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Head of Adoptions

Pet Treasure

Homemade Love Notes

Expensive Fishing Pole

Fly Fishing Lure

Pan Pride Flag

Pan Heart Pin

Valentines True Lovers Knot

Valentines Lovers Knot

Valentines Partners Knot

True Love


Heart-Cut Pink Tourmaline

Lemon Candy Pane Cookie

Chibi Heart Plushie

Heart Plushie

Pile of Heart Confetti

Pink Heart Plushie

Chibi Heart Beanbag

Be Mine Candy Heart Beanbag

Double Heart Sticker

Fancy Love Sticker

Xoxo Sticker

Pink Cheek Heart Temporary Tattoo

I Heart Pink Sticker

Love Soul Stone

Strawberry Sweetheart Puff

Pink Heart Cookie

Strawberry Heart Pastry

Raspberry Heart Lolly

Raspberry Tart Heart

Pink Heart Hairclip

Raspberry Heart Pastry

Raspberry Candy Pane Cookie

Gigantic Heart Pendant

Heart Talky Sticker

Love Insta Seed

Strawberry Candy Pane Cookie

Pinkaberry Cake Balls

Moldy Blood Candy Pane Cookie

Pink Assorted Box of Chocolates

Love Matter

I Love You Jollin Plushie

Pink Googly Heart Plushie

Red Googly Heart Plushie

Heart Pin

Red Heart Plushie

Plushie Heart Sticker

XOXO Candy Heart Cookie

You=Pretty Candy Heart

Be Mine Candy Heart

Too Cute Candy Heart

Kiss Me? Candy Heart

Candy Hearts

Organ Luv Candy Heart

Love Bug Heart Sticker

Best Friends Pins

Pink Gradated Love Candle

Red Gradated Love Candle

Cherry Tart Heart

Red Assorted Box of Chocolates

Red Heart-Shaped Contacts

Suspiciously-Placed Bandage

Candy Heart Mistress Heart Necklace

Showbunny Belly Button Ring

Heart Stirring Stick

Heart Cell Phone

Thin Stripe Cutout Small Heart

Thin Stripe Cutout Large Heart

Drawn Cutout Small Heart

Drawn Cutout Large Heart

Thick Stripe Cutout Small Heart

Thick Stripe Cutout Large Heart

Secret Love Letter

Sweet Origami Heart

Crazy in Love

Overly Romantic Card

Mothers Day Gift Bag

Love Letter

Fervent Love Letter

Heart Shaped Notebook

Heart-Shaped Book of Hearts

Love Words

Rules of Date Night

Sweethearts Diary

The Four Types of Love

Loving Yourself

Beloved Photo Album

Crafty Love

Love in the Air

Simple and Sweet Journal

Sealed with a Kiss

Love Notebook

The Smallest Things

Love Bug Codex

Book of Love

What is Love?

Date Ideas

Love Languages

The Importance of Communication

Love for Them All

Predictable Love Stories Book Tape

Fruit of Passion

Lovely Cracker

Strawberry Frosted Sugar Cookie

Pink Candy Coated Cake Pop

Rainbow Confetti Heart Balloon

Heart Earrings

Heart Balloon

Heart Collar

Bottled Love Matter

Extra Extra Extra Sugary Sugar

Keith Day Confetti

Heart Mug

Heart Messenger Bag

Dawn Love-Me-Lots Chai Plushie

I Love You Puppy

Love Bug Butterfly

Heartback Frog

Survival Huggy Plushie

Pink Angelic Heart Pillow Plushie

Red Angelic Heart Pillow Plushie

Heart Sunglasses

Love Glasses

Sweetheart Potion

Pheromone Infused Perfume

Eau De Love

Lovely Trucker Hat

Curious Heart Ring

The Art of Falling in Love

Heart Leggings

Heart Latte


Pride Love Sticker

Pet Friends

You'll never find love like that.

You're pretty goodlooking yourself.

You're such a cutie!

How're you doing, friend?