Sentine has a minion!

Rune the Xentrilis

Legacy Name: Sentine

The Custom Dawn Pherret
Owner: Ambition

Age: 4 years, 7 months, 1 week

Born: April 22nd, 2016

Adopted: 4 years, 7 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: April 22nd, 2016


  • Level: 12
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 1
  • Books Read: 1
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed


Pet Treasure

Water Nymph Tranquil Music Box

Ziaran Pherret Crest

Ziaran Telenine Crest

Roman Soldier Shield

Roman Soldier Guards

Ruby Dagger

Gold Sai

Item Hunters Cane-Concealed Dagger

Brown Box of Jewelry Tools

Belted Black Leather Armor

Black Leather Shoulder Strap

Regal Swishy Cloak

Ziaran Pherret Locket

Wretched Locket

Sapphire Ring

Ruby Effortlessly Draped Ribbon Necklace

Gold Medallion Trinket

Delicate Gold Hair Decorations

Hunters Ring of Stars

Purrfect Prince Crown

Ice Blue Diadem

Cuddly Luna Plushie

Magical Frost Key

Gilded Playing Card Deck

Cracked Harvest Crystal Ball

Kora Magic Powder

Epic Marbles

Blue Glowing Bug Eggs

Leafeather Orb of the Night

Mages Magical Net

Ball Lightning

Dowsing Pendulum

Psychic Bubbles

Teeny Pie Minion Magical Wand

Blue Possessed Contact

Storm Chain

Magical Watermelon Seeds

Cobalt Possessed Demoneye Stone

Magical Hikei Glow

Green Possessed Contact

Turbulent Gemstone

Uzgool Summoning Stick

Amber Possessed Demoneye Stone

Magical Reborn Telenine Fang

Gold Possessed Contact


Artisan Banana Soap

Gate Keeper Gem of Power

Scarab of Scholars

Aurora Galaxy Crystal

Glowing Hydrus Sea Glass

Magical Grape Seeds

Magical Orange Seed

Nightmare Fuel

Smoke Mote

Plasma Bubbles

Mysterious Glowing Sprout

Magical Bone

Magical Radish Seed

Golden Dawn Crystal

Goddess Blue Hair Dye

Magical Pear Seed

Hikei Floating Orbs

Magical Cherry Seed

Salted Turquoise Eye Drops

Essence of Living Shadow

Spooky Crystal Ball

Panzer Hydra Bent Brass Piece

Trio of Golden Statues

Cinnamon Love Hearts Extract

Spiritbound Taming Salve

Sparkling Raindrop Vial

Shinwas Blessed Water

Baby Breath

Ocean Cologne

Courtly Perfume Bottle

Sparkling Winter Dust

Bottled Harvest Moon

Green Fireside Flame

Compressed Magic Powder

Salted Amber Eye Drops

Small Bottle of Liquid Shadow

Snow Trinket

Fractured Onyx Flask

Filling Goop

Jeweled Neela Vesnali Egg

Salted Violet Eye Drops

Ornate Black Bottle

Black Lace Sugar Bowl

Dragon Of The Sky Perfume

Lucky Golden Hikei

Blue Tincture

Sacred Jewel Perfume

Saheric Spirit Perfume

Verdi Sidhe Hair Spray

Marsh Archan Elixir

Marez Ashar Mouth Rinse

Pink Bottled Butterfly

Golden Square Brooch

Demi Strength Potion

Marez Jahira Lip Moisturizer

2012 Golden Bell

Sealed Tourmaline Flask

Chai Music Box

Scorpion Venom

Marez Itzatul Exotic Potpourri

Ornamental Trinket Box

Bow-E Peyote Setting Powder

Ornate Amber Bottle

Golden Chain Belt

Incomplete Ranunculus Carving

Serene Busted Rapier Hilt

Purple Butterfly Vase

Gold Incense Burner

Austere Busted Rapier Hilt

Starry Soap Gift

Chest of Golden Scales

Ruby Adorned Pirate Vest

Box Reliquary

Spiritbound Enameled Box

Pearled Ruby Chain

Gold Trinket Box

Ornate Jewelry Box

Cutesy Brown Comb

Sand Spirit Incense Box

Purple Cosmic Jewel Contacts

Cursed Copper Doubloon

Plunder-Filled White Heels

Vesnali Coin

Strange Gold Wave Wing Relic

Princess Booty

Yunium Ore

Silver Flipper Coin

Plunder-Filled Black Heels

Cursed Silver Doubloon

Princely Booty

Plunder-Filled Pink Heels

Gold Flipper Coin

Gold Sun Relic

Plunder-Filled Gold Heels

Dragon Hoard Beanbag

Cut Rose Quartz Geode

Kings Booty

Homegrown Omen Islands Vanilla


Secret Garden Key

Magical Keepsake Box

Wretched Wrole Music Box

Candy Hearts Box

Bag of Hydrangea Seeds

Ninth Anniversary Gift Bag

Eighth Anniversary Gift Bag

2012 New Year Goodie Bag

Illumis Golden Harp

Spring Oil Diffuser

Peach Bearded Iris

Bold Bluebells

Prettily Presented Yellow Flower

Peach and White Gladiola

Blue Nott Flower

Yellow Azaleas

White Wisteria

Elegant Blue Vase

Bronze Drip Wedding Cake

Coda Cave Crystal Wedding Cake

Veta Scenery Wedding Cake

Rustic Berry Wedding Cake

Bumbus Honeycomb Cake

Dot Dot Dot Pastry

Koi Fish Carved Watermelon

Skewered Pastries

Strawberry Cake Cocktail

Chocolate Daisy Petit Fours

Orange Cream Cake Cocktail

Fancy Mint Truffle

Zasaba Wing Cookies

Big Slice of Sprinkle Cake

Ikumoradeekanox Fruit Kebab

Grilled Mac-N-Cheese Sourdough Sandwich

Passionate Grilled Cheese Appetizer

Chocolate Layered Pumpkin Cheesecake

Gnocchi with Sage and Butter


Linguine alle Vongole

Gelatin Caviar

Wine-Poached Pear

Purple Pear

Sparkling Nependeathicus Sap

Nasturtium Infused Oil

Rosewater Champagne

Bubbly RasBlu Tonic

Watch it Bloom Sweet Tea


Raspberry Rose Fizz

Eggnog Latte

Arctic Frost Spiced Rum

Berry Minty Po

Fancy Antique Mug of Chai Tea

Vanilla Lavender Bubbly Fusion

Decorative Peacock Teapot

Shengui Guo Cursed Sake

Saheric Spiced Tea

Pumpkin Tea

Galaxan Mist

Poison Laced Tea Cloth

Flower Teacup

Lovely Pastel Sugar Bowl

Lovely Pastel Saucer

Blue Teapot

Deluxe Tea Set

Green Fountain Pen

Virtuous Captains Plume

Beagle Quill

Quill of Serenity

Gold Summit Key

Tranquil Coin Medallion

Archduke Amber Seal

Baron Pachyderm Seal

White Sewing Kit

Gilded Stationery Set

Diabolical Pages of Wizardry

Hand-Penned Carolling Sheets

Ye Royale Proclamatione

Saheric Scroll and Case

Flare Star Scroll

Luminaire in Ytiva

Inscrutable Viscount Portrait

Gourd Witch Family Tree

Dragonfly Inspired Fashion Sketch

Renaissance Scroll

Spring Wedding Invitation

Maple Leaf Ragtime Sheet Music

Hastily Written Invitation From Cassandra

Drills Initiation Invite

Opened Invitation From Anthony

Young Love Letter

Hastily Written Invitation From Georgiana

Ornate Invitation

Arctic Frost Fairy Tales

Letter of Traitorous Origin

Ancient Codex Scroll

Carrot Letter Set

Hastily Written Invitation From Anthony

Kora Scroll of Mystery

Este Evvu Skipari Tapestry

Get Out Of The Apocalypse Free Card

Honeybee Inspired Fashion Sketch

Winning with a Sword

Sunflower Slow Drag Sheet Music

Sealed Scroll of White Magic

Melodys Luminaire Invitation

Sojourn to the North

Pile of Treasured Tomes

Ornamental Item Catalog

Winning with a Rapier

Magical Study Notes

Luminaire in Saherimos

Spices Around the World

Fading Tome

Adversary Almanac

Freyalise Ledger

Book of Extremely Vague Prophecy

Luminaire on Atebus

Atebus Warfare Vehicles

Finding Light in the Dark

Guide to Dragon Slaying

The Atebus Language

Short Stories for Sweethearts

Golden Egg Fairy Tales

Stories of Old

The Flora of Atebus

Metal and Lace

Scarred Leather Record Book

Mansion Remodeling Book

Advanced Rhyming

Vesnali: An In-Depth History

Saheric Textbook

Here to Win

Gilded Saheric Tome

Anatomy: Descriptive and Applied

The Pirates Guide to Flirting

Ytiva Privateer Fourth Map Piece

Flower-Crowned Frog

How to Write III

The SP Guide

Understanding Basic Physics

Recipes Through Generations

The Enchanted Knife

Daisy Flower Pressing

Bringing The Harbinger

Herbal Tea Recipes

Minor Curses: Missing Objects

Rules of Subeta

Sealed with a Kiss

Whimsical Ballroom Decorating

Book of Saheric Fashions

Dawn Mahar Tome

Romantic Arrangements

Ballroom Fashions Paper Doll Book

A History of Dancing

The Everything Book

How to Tame Spirits

Fun with History: Darkside

Secrets to a Happy Marriage

History of Philosophy

Hey! Linguistics

Luminaire in the Omen Islands

Classic Literature

Handling Dragon Hoards

Modern Astronomy

Tattered Old Book

Doki Doki Magic Chai!

Libraries Around the World

Gourd Witch Household Spells

The Frustrations of Public Office

Gourd Witch Family Journal

What is Out There?

Insane Programming Volume 2

Sociology: Perspectives and People

Wedding Customs: Peka Glade

Wisteria Witch

How to Bake Using Magic

A Taste for Trinkets

Self-Taught Sorcery

Legend of Rictus

Book of Memories

Merchants Ledger

Wedding Customs: Shengui Guo

Vesnali Spirits

Exploring the Underground

Exploding Encyclopedia of Sparklies

Guide to Quest Giving

Coiled Nature Journal

Forgotten Novel

How to Stargaze

Violet Flower Pressing

Carelessly Stacked Books

Water Magic

All About Totems

Crowns of Royalty

Strapped Book

The Feli Field Guide to Popularity

A Revolution History

Mountains of Monocles

Vesnali Gardens

Magic Hinges

Corsets: A Guide

In the Enchanted Forest

Loving Yourself

Peony Flower Pressing

King Keiths Items

Introduction to Statistics

Swimming in Money

Useless Spells

The Glowing Flower

All About Gentry Inc.

Amulets of Subeta CE

Helpful Mice

Powers of the Mage

Ruling Through Fear

Sociology: Perspectives and People

Sarus List of Item Rarities

Pet Friends