AladdinsWish has a minion!

Make-A-Wish the Genie

Legacy Name: AladdinsWish

The Aqua Blob
Owner: Tinkerbabe

Age: 4 years, 7 months

Born: June 19th, 2016

Adopted: 4 years, 7 months ago

Adopted: June 19th, 2016


  • Level: 95
  • Strength: 214
  • Defense: 204
  • Speed: 202
  • Health: 202
  • HP: 202/202
  • Intelligence: 295
  • Books Read: 285
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Head of Operations

I have the Genie and I have the lamp. Now it’s time to make some wishes!

Pet Treasure

Empty Orange Witch Morostide Gift-Box

Box of Childhood Memories

Mothers Day Box

Mothers Day Child Hand Plaster

Mothers Day Gift Bag

Mothers Day Memorial Frame

Full of Joy Magic Lamp

Chocolate Cake

Magical Keepsake Box

Aqua Blob Plushie

Wyllop Carrot Cake

Angelic Birthday Cake

Special Birthday Cake Pop

Ninth Anniversary Gift Bag

Stegosaurus Celebration Plushie

Ankylosaurus Celebration Plushie

Pteranodon Celebration Plushie

Iguanadon Celebration Plushie

Anniversary Cake Carved Pumpkin

Ankylosaurus Celebration Plushie

Birthday Hats Sticker

Green Mini Party Hat

Chocolate Present Cookie

Party Giraffe Plushie

Mothers Day Gift Bag

Coconut Lucky Cake

Party Balloons

Angelic Birthday Cake

Cursed Wedding Cake

Purple Polka Dot Balloon

Smiley Balloon

Popoko Party Animal Doll

Second Anniversary Goodie Bag

Peach Lucky Cake

Green Frosted Gift Cookie

Raymondo Jelly

Giselle Thrift Rat Lamp

Baby Bear Tiered Cake

Vicious Gift

Cursed Wedding Cake

Paper Party Bag

Yellow Frosted Gift Cookie

Rainbow Pie Minion

Black Cat Candle

Elemental Candles

Party Rat

Allosaurus Celebration Plushie

Pink Rose Cake

Wildflower Cake

Confetti Bird

Fourth Anniversary Kumos Cake

Buttercream Rose Coffee Cake

Deluxe Sheeta Pie

Pink Present Bow

Chocolate Coconut Bunny Cake

Floral Pie

Girly Present Sticker


Happy Birthday! Sticker


Frosting Kitty

Wrapped Present Beanbag

White Present Cookie

Galactic Birthday Cake

Candy Cane Present

Depressing Coal Present

Keiths Strawberry Birthday Cake

Pink Present Cookie

Reborn Birthday Cake

Luminaire Present Beanbag

Happy Birthday Card 4

Happy Birthday Card 3

Happy Birthday Card 2

Happy Birthday Card 1

Angelic Birthday Cake

Party Jelly


Keith Day Ice Cream Cake

Teeny Pie Minion


Plastic Party Bag

Red Giant Bow

Mini Cappuccino Chocolate Cube

Mystery Rose Icing Cake

Pink Present Cake


Happy Birthday Taco Sticker

Birthday Card Sticker

Birthday Cake Sticker

Magical Keepsake Box

Present Bomb

Cherry Torrent Beanbag

Snow Present Top Hat



Plain Feather

Cherry Lifelike Zentu Doll

Birthday Present Cake

Lime Present Cake

White Present Cake

Party Balloons

Teeny Pie Minion Disguised Bomb

Pet Friends

is missing my birthday:(