Still Alive has a minion!

Remembering Vacations the Tacky Delphi Souvenir Doll

Still Alive
Legacy Name: Still Alive

The Graveyard Illumis
Owner: Tinkerbabe

Age: 3 years, 4 months, 1 week

Born: September 6th, 2017

Adopted: 2 years, 5 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: July 20th, 2018


  • Level: 56
  • Strength: 121
  • Defense: 117
  • Speed: 118
  • Health: 117
  • HP: 117/117
  • Intelligence: 78
  • Books Read: 77
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Stylist

Aging gracefully :heart:

I remember when I was with Oak and I remember when....

Pet Treasure

Dawn Plastic Flamingo

Olde Tyme Barbers Strop

Lifetime Achievement Award

Decorative Birdcage

Rocking Horse

Manual Meat Grinder

Clean Typewriter

Analog Meat Thermometer

Years Gone By Sepia Yarn

Olde Tyme Barbers Pole

Lilac Mahar Hourglass

Budget TV

Boxed Compass

Solid Brass Compass


Vintage Sepia Greeting Card

Mocking Clock

Antique TV

Green and Black Broom Bow

I Am Eternal Sticker

Red Mens Grooming Kit

Domed Reliquary

Vase Reliquary

Squat Reliquary

Box Reliquary

Brass Telegraph

Forgotten Relic

Spacetime 3D Glasses

Wireframe Dressmaker Form

Blue Seam Ripper

Measuring Tape

Tomato Pincushion


Old Cracked Photo


Antique Clock

Antique Metronome

Antique Dark Fainting Couch


Safety Pins

Needle Threader

Gilded Stationery Set

Knitting Needles

Argyle Wrist Pincushion

Adjustable Dressmaker Form

Floral Wrist Pincushion

Grandiose Antique Coffee Set

Eighties DVD Player

Divine Antique Coffee Set

Still Kickin Sticker

Out O Time License Plate

Peka Highlands Scouting Gear

Crochet Hooks

Stay Inside Sticker

Toilet Paper

Elegant Brass Pocket Watch

Tan Pilot Hat

Soaring Mallarchy Model Airplane

Brass Oil Lamp

Eight Maids-a-Milking

Snowy Village Outhouse

Stray Bobby Pins

Lava Lamp

Freaky Footrest

Vintage Sewing Machine

Vintage Film Camera

Blue Vintage Swimsuit

Calligraphy Pen

White Fountain Pen


Knitting Basket

Black Inkwell

Vintage Dressmaker Form

Olde Tyme Barbers Pole

Olde Tyme Barbers Brush

Olde Tyme Barbers Walnut Razor

Red Hot Cast Iron Stove

Retro Vacuum

Regular TV

Possessed Television

Cherry Typewriter

Simple Telephone

Vintage Telephone

Bone Shoelace Hook

Time Bot

Double Split Corset

Steamwork Telephone

Steamwork Radio

Eighties DVD Player

Vintage White Flowered Lamp

Basic Walking Cane

Antique Box Camera

Classic Phonograph

Plumes of Sepia Train Smoke

High Wheeler

Eight Track Memories


Yellow Pencil

Clown-Car Manual

Travel Anywhere: World Edition

Riot Mistress Striped Luggage Trunk

Pet Friends

I told you not to look in that box!

I remember those days!

Well, it isn’t obvious to me!

He’s read a lot of books!

Oh, I remember these!