Winter Wonderland has a minion!

Viserion the Ice Dragon

Winter Wonderland
Legacy Name: Winter Wonderland

The Glacier Rreign
Owner: gatorgirl

Age: 11 years, 8 months, 1 week

Born: February 17th, 2009

Adopted: 11 years, 8 months, 1 week ago (Legacy)

Adopted: February 17th, 2009 (Legacy)

Pet Spotlight Winner
August 24th


  • Level: 873
  • Strength: 1,100
  • Defense: 872
  • Speed: 873
  • Health: 1,057
  • HP: 1,057/1,057
  • Intelligence: 710
  • Books Read: 690
  • Food Eaten: 5
  • Job: Hotel Chain Owner


A small red light began to blink on the hodge-podge pile of computer systems. It was a mess of monitors, cables, and half-built towers set into the icy cave wall that hummed and whirred with activity.

The arctic rreign yawned, stretching on her simple bed as a soft bell went off in alarm. Was that two chimes? Nope, there was the third. Another silly expedition of humans and others. Again.

As the light blue and white dragoness gathered her things, a smaller icy relative yawned, watching his owner pad this way and that.“You stay here and keep watch.” She rumbled to the smaller draconic creature. “I should be back in no time at all.”

The small ice dragon let out a soft chirp, proceeding to curl into a sleepy ball, ever the watchful guardian of the cave, when he was awake at least.

The rreign trotted out into the snow, the sub-zero air whipping at her face on exiting the rocky hovel. The temperature did not both her at all; the bonus of being the arctic version of her species. As for the humans and other Subeta natives that ignored the no-less-than-twenty signs telling them to turn around…. not so much. The arctic blizzards were brutal and speedy to arrive in this part of the land, and visibility was almost zero. Thankfully, she had memorized the routes to take, for this exact reason.

It was a weekly thing, sometimes more. Humans, or fellow native Subeta species would wander off the trail for adventure, ignore the signs…and promptly start to freeze, no matter how prepared they seemed to be.

Thankfully for them, she had installed motion detectors to go off in most areas, set every hundred feet or so. When they stopped going off farther away (indicating the party had stopped,) she loaded up the rescue sled and went to their aid.At first it was an obnoxious task, then an annoying one. Then it had become exhausting, but then started to shift into a pleasant errand.

And now, it was a happy expedition each time, to see who needed her aid.

On arriving to the stricken party, the rreign loaded up the four humans, no more than bundles of clothes on the ground amidst the snow, and two fellow Subeta species; so wrapped up with clothing she wasn’t sure what kind. Not that it mattered who they were of course, the same thing was needed at this point. Their remedy would be the same; hot cocoa, soup, and maybe some of the videos she had lying around. The storm would clear in a day or two, so she would have some pleasant company for a time.They all just barely fit on the large red metal sled that she dragged behind him, harness recoupling back to her shoulders. The dragoness hummed happily to herself as she trotted back with her chilly cargo, after circling around to make sure everyone was accounted for.

Her pet ice dragon chipped as it saw his owner walk in with new visitors. Giving each a sniff, the curious animal hopped up on one of the bundles, jumping up and down briefly before returning to his padded bed.

Setting the humans and two other bundles aside, the rreign turned on a heater, shuddering slightly. That was far too warm for her, but it was a necessity for these poor popsicles. Peering at the two Subeta species- she could not help but chuckle at seeing the identity of the bundle her pet had indicated.

“A fellow rreign? And a forest one at that? What is he doing out here? And a Sheeta? Hmm…” She remarked, shrugging her shoulders and wings. Perhaps she would find that out soon enough, after they warmed up.

A slight groan from one of the bundles indicated they were rousing sooner than expected, possibly due to her timely arrival.

“Ah, good! Someone is awake!” She called out, trotting over to look at the now-awake individual. Lifting his head, the previously passed-out rreign looked around, and then finally to her.

Within moments, he promptly had a lovely shade of pink flush to his green cheeks. Of course, that must be due to the heater and his thick clothing…

“…where…am I?” He rumbled, a rather deep baritone that echoed around the cave slightly.

“In my cave. You and your friends nearly froze. So, I hauled you here on my sled.” She replied happily, gesturing to the now-stirring humans and Sheeta.

“…. I knew that was a bad idea to trek out like that, thank you.” The forest dragon added, looking over to her and nodding.

Now maybe she was standing too close to the heater; odd. Eh, that would be figured out within the next few days for sure. Now, it was soup and cocoa time.

As she gathered up the hot beverages and soup, the dragoness could not help but muse over their predicament. She did not blame them of course, for venturing this far off the trail. It is why she lived here, in the middle of forests, glaciers, and frozen plains.

Who would not want to see even a glimpse of this winter wonderland?


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