Alseids has a minion!

Topizal the Snugtom

Legacy Name: Alseids

The Custom Harvest Jollin
Owner: Ambition

Age: 11 years, 5 months, 3 weeks

Born: June 13th, 2009

Adopted: 11 years, 5 months, 3 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: June 13th, 2009 (Legacy)

Pet Spotlight Winner
May 12th


  • Level: 15
  • Strength: 28
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

About Alseids

Alseids wanders the forest alone most evenings looking for random fireflies to chase and play with. Her favorite time of the year is when the pumpkin patch starts producing a plethora of pumpkins. She loves searching among the different sized pumpkins for hidden treasures. She is usually rounded up and kicked out by whoever happens to own the patch of gourds, but she always manages to sneak back in.

During one of her more recent excursions, she met a rather small grey cat named Topizal. When they first met, Alseids thought Topizal was strange for always wearing a large knit scarf all year round. However, Topizal informed Alsieds that he was actually a species of cat that thrives in the silvery Saherimos deserts, making almost all cooler temperatures feel very cold to him.

Topizal decided to stick with Alseids who could offer him companionship and warm cuddles at night. They roam the wilderness together finding all sorts of interesting things to occupy their time and imaginations.

One of the more exciting times happened when Alseids and Topizal stumbled upon a squirrel who had stashed away thousands of nuts in a single winter stash location. The squirrel was not very friendly though and pelted Alseids with twigs, empty nut shells, and tiny rocks. It was not like they had wanted the stash of nuts, they were just curious and wanted to make some new friends in their neck of the woods. Unfortunately, the squirrel understood their communications as a threat and encouraged all other squirrels to attack in a similar manner anyone who approached pretending to be friendly. Little did that squirrel know that Alseids and Topizal were earnest in their desire for friendship. It is a lot harder to maintain friendships when you are seen as a pair of predators.

After that experience they decided to try to make friends with other less easily intimidated forest inhabitants. In a matter of weeks they had befriended a large beaver and his family, a very angry badger (their friendship level was in question), and a light footed horned owl.

By the time spring had arrived, their circle of friends in the forest included a handful of chipmunks, an elusive unicorn, some feisty ravens, leaf dragons, curious weasels, magical fairies, and a variety of other creatures big and small. The only ones who they had not yet been successful with were the squirrels.

They may just never be friends with the squirrels, or so that is what Topizal kept saying to Alseids as she kept trying to bridge the communication gap. She was ever hopeful and very patient. She knew one day they might become open to reason, but until then she was determined to have fun in the forest with all her other friends.

Alseids is named after a nymph who inhabits autumnal glades and secret groves. She loves to explore the wilderness around her and feel the cool autumn breeze as it hugs her body.

Topizal is named after the hidden caves in the desert that hold many deposits of rare gems and archaeological mysteries.


Story: Ambition
Profile: Isa
Custom Overlay: Mail

Pet Treasure

Homegrown Riverside Vanilla

Orange Glowing Bug Eggs

Dying Leaf

Leaf Wreath Bracelet

Golden Fallen Leaf

Festive Leaf Litter

Cranberry Sugar Leaf

Pine Cone Bubble Skirt

Smoldering Fallen Leaves

Crunchy Leaf Litter

Blackberry Sugar Leaf

Orange Bright Leaf Skirt


Sunset Fallen Leaf

Autumn Leaf Bouquet

Illumis Sun Scythe

Crinkly Leaf Litter

Wood Nymph Scattered Leaves

Rose Curled Leaf Vine

Fallen Leaf Sash

Gold Leaf Trinket

Fallen Leaf Feathers

Autumnal Fallen Leaves

Autumnal Orb

Orange Leaf Vine


Violet-Toned Leather Leaves and Strings

Pomegranate Sugar Leaf

Autumn Leaf Tattoo Sheet (Right Leg)

Purple Leaf Barrette

Brittle Fallen Leaf

Red Fireside Leaf Earrings

Dried Harvest Flower

Pumpkin Sugar Leaf

Pinecone Autumn Wreath

Plum Tied Leaf Vine

Autumn Leaf Strands

Autumnal Twigs and Berries

Wood Nymph Carefully Placed Leaves

Chocolate Brown Fireside Leaf Wrap

Autumn Leaf Hair Clip

Autumnal Acorn

Orange Fireside Leaf Skirt

Ember Fallen Leaf

Delicate Gold Leaf Trinket

Prettily Presented Orange Flower

Harvested Moon

Autumnal Silks

Crisp Fall Day Sticker

Crimson Fat Leaf Plushie

Tree Pumpkin Garden Stone


Autumn Hibearnating Plushie

Snuffle Hoard Beanbag



Lovable Sql

Crowned Chip

Golden Dragon of Autumn Beanbag

Needle Felted Dragon of Autumn

Fluttering Flora

Ribboned Antlephore Trinket

Natural Pond Leaves

Striped Pumpkin Imp



Pumpkin-Eating Bear

Tamed Fox

Gourd Witch Costumed Ghost





Leaf Burrower


Rusted Stuffed Moth Toy


Dragon of Autumn Plushie


Harvest Unicorn Plushie

Dragon of Autumn



Wing Sprite

Basket Stink Beetle


Harvest Dryad

Pomegranate Crystal Leaves

Ground Cinnamon

Maple Leaf Cookies

Peanut Butter Acorn Cookies

Festive Autumn Head Piece

Filled Round Harvest Basket

Autumn Spice Potpourri

Mobile Winter Warmth Canister

Shengui Guo Spirit Offerings

Fall Treats

Autumn and Magic

Autumn Vines Guide

Harvest Moon

Cozy Winter Scarves

Autumn Trees

Pet Friends