Talkeetna has a minion!

Rohn, Ruby, Nulato, and Yentna the Luporum

Legacy Name: Talkeetna

The Darkmatter Telenine
Owner: Taiho

Age: 9 years, 6 months

Born: June 1st, 2011

Adopted: 9 years, 6 months ago

Adopted: June 1st, 2011


  • Level: 65
  • Strength: 132
  • Defense: 125
  • Speed: 126
  • Health: 126
  • HP: 126/126
  • Intelligence: 53
  • Books Read: 39
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Horticulturist

An Alaskan

Talkeetna Sydney Carpenter was born two weeks early in the log cabin outside Talkeetna, Alaska, that his parents had bought to start their new life in Alaska. Three years after Talkeetna's birth, the family welcomed another son into the world. Talkeetna's mother worked in town doing various tourism related jobs and his father worked at home writing stories for magazines and working on his novel. Talkeetna, or Talc as he came to be called, spent his early years hunting, fishing, snowmachining*, dog mushing, and simply enjoying the outdoors. Far from their nearest neighbors, Talkeetna's playmates were his brother and the family's team of Alaskan Huskies. His diet was made up mostly of food that grew in the area, moose meat, salmon, various wild berries such as salmonberries and blueberries, and an assortment of hardy plants from the garden such as rhubarb and cabbages. He was home schooled, though stuff in books interested him little. Stuff on television interested him even less. Talkeetna first flew in a bush plane as a toddler and loved it. That love never faded he now flies both as his job and for pleasure. Talkeetna works as a charter pilot, flying hunters, fishermen, and sightseers to remote parts of the state. His favorite plane is his Super Cub.

[1] by Opundo
[1] by boy

Alaska Facts

-State Capital: Juneau
-State Nickname: The Last Frontier
-State Motto: North to the Future
-State Flower: Forget-me-not
-State Tree: Sitka Spruce
-State Bird: Willow Ptarmigan
-State Land Mammal: Moose
-State Marine Mammal: Bowhead Whale
-State Dog: Alaskan Malamute
-State Fish: King Salmon
-State Sport: Dog Mushing
-State Gem: Jade
-State Mineral: Gold
-State Insect: Four Spot Skimmer Dragonfly
-Largest City: Anchorage with about 280,000 people.
-Barrow Alaska is the northernmost city in North America.
-Alaska was the 49th State to join the union.
-Alaska was bought from Russia in 1867 at less than two cents an acre and was known as "Seward's Folly" or "Seward's Icebox."
-Alaska encompasses 586,400 square miles which is about two and a half times as big as Texas. However, if you measured at low tide Alaska would be about three times bigger than Texas.*
-Alaska ranks 47th in state population with 675,000 people.
-At 20,320 feet Denali (also known as Mt. Mckinley) is the tallest mountain in North America.
-The record recorded high is +100F and the record low is -80F.
-Alaska borders the Pacific Ocean, The Arctic Ocean, the Bering Sea, and Canada's Yukon Territory.
-There are about 3,000,000 lakes, 5,000 glaciers, and 3,000 rivers in Alaska.
-About a third of Alaska is covered in permafrost.
-The record snowfall in a day is 62 inches and the record over a year is 974 inches.
-There are more than a dozen indigenous Alaska Native languages.
-There is only one Native reservation in Alaska, the rest of the native community is served by Native Corporations.
-Alaska has boroughs instead of counties.
-About 2/3 of Alaska is not served by highways and seventy percent of Alaska's roads are unpaved.
-The most remote parts of Alaska, called Bush Alaska, cannot be reached by car and instead rely on bush planes, snowmachines, four-wheelers, and boats.
-Alaska is geographically in five time zones but only two are used.
-Alaska is technically part the continental United States but not part of the contiguous United States, which Alaskans often call "Outside" or "the Lower 48."
-Alaska was the only part of the United States to be invaded in World War II.
-The Largest Earthquake to hit the United States hit in Alaska. It was the Good Friday Earthquake of 1964 and measured 9.2 on the Richter scale.
-Alaska has more licensed pilots per capita than any other state.
-Billboards are illegal along highways throughout the whole state.
-More Duct Tape is used per capita in Alaska than any other state and the "Duct Tape Ball" is held annually in Anchorage.
-The world's largest cabbage was grown in Alaska. *
-*What most of the world knows as snowmobiles are called Snowmachines (or sleds or snogos) in Alaska.
-Alaskans eat more ice cream per capita than any other state.*

Pet Treasure

Campfire Cooking

Homemade Rhubarb Jam

Homemade Raspberry Jam

Farm Direct Preserves

Bag of Cranberries




Strawberry Planter Box

Cabbage Planter Box

Salmon Steak

Poached Whole Salmon

Side of Smoked Fish

Scavenged Seal Meat

Scavenged Fish Meat

Rainbow Trout

Whale Fat

Slab of Raw Meat

Wood Bourbon

Double Chocolate Crag Bar

Black Discarded Feathers

Survival Forget-Me-Nots

Bundle of Forget-Me-Not Seeds

Guide to Constellations

Old Arrow Head

Jade Bead

Shaman Wolf Pelt Hood

Mounted Deer Head

Relic of the Doe

Wolf Tooth

Bear Claw

Deer Antler

Wood-Fired Pizza Fuel

Flint And Steel

Plain Matchbook

Brass Oil Lamp

Magical Duct Tape

Recycled Toilet Roll

Insect Repellent

Intrepid Soldier Undershirt

Black and Red Plaid Hunting Jacket

Fuzzy Black and Red Plaid Hunting Hat

Ytivan Mukluks

Brown Snow Boots

Red Sled

Black Snowshoes

Rust Hiking Backpack

Blooming Centropolis Park Scouting Gear

Old Cabin Key

Hiking Safety Kit

First Aid Kit

Hiking Map

Hiking Maps

Plants You Can Eat

Tanning Leather

Leather-Bound Book

Camping Stove

Gas Can

Coiled Rope

Woodcutter Axe

Fire Axe

Steele Shovel

Primitive Merfolk Knife


Flintlock Rifle

Forest Mummy Sleeping Bag

Camo Nylon Leash

Brown Huskers

Black Huskers


Stinger Model Airplane

Wooden Tugboat

Snowy Village Tireless Truck

Snowy Village Cabin

Snowy Village Outhouse

Pet Friends