Teenie Boo has a minion!

Minion the Calucko

Teenie Boo
Legacy Name: Teenie Boo

The Spectrum Ghostly
Owner: TrippyKitten

Age: 5 years, 7 months, 3 weeks

Born: April 6th, 2015

Adopted: 5 years, 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: April 6th, 2015


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Books Read: 5
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Bag-and-Go Master Cashier

Under construction
To Do
  • create a design for this pet
  • draw an overlay based on said design
  • figure out how to code a profile, or pay someone to do it
  • write some stuff in the description
  • figure out what to put in the TC
  • Pet Treasure

    Dibbala Planet Sticker

    Plum Stuck Kitty Sticker

    Strawberry Milk Sticker

    Two Sticker

    Blobular Sticker

    Fork Sticker

    Rain Weather Sticker

    Sunny Weather Sticker

    Blue Seahorse Sticker

    Evil Smiley Sticker

    Content Cloud Sticker

    Orange Reindeer Sticker

    Red Stargazer Lily Sticker

    Ruby Stuck Kitty Sticker

    White Rose Sticker

    Scribble Galactic Blob Sticker

    Purple Wreathed Red Rreign Happy Egg Sticker

    Purple Red Rreign NO Egg Sticker

    Blue Red Rreign NO Egg Sticker

    Red Red Rreign NO Egg Sticker

    Black Red Rreign NO Egg Sticker

    Green Red Rreign NO Egg Sticker

    100 Percent Trans Fat Sticker

    Carve Mor Oranges Sticker

    Baby Pumpkin Sticker

    The House is Alive Sticker

    Kill Her Mommy Sticker

    Happy Lizard Minion Sticker

    Happy Face Pumpkin Sticker

    Parent Sticker

    White Acorn Squash Sticker

    Seven Days Sticker

    Pumpkin Spice ALL The Things Sticker

    You Cant Kill the Boogeyman Sticker

    Big Headed Noktoa Sticker

    Yarrr! Sticker

    Pink Calla Lily Sticker

    Science is a BLAST! Sticker

    Arid Deco-Feli Sticker

    Twilight Deco-Feli Sticker

    Dawn Deco-Feli Sticker

    Scribble Feli Sticker

    Chubby Cocoa Feli Sticker

    Cutie Feli Sticker

    Hey! Feli Sticker

    Hello! Montre Sticker

    Smile Sticker

    Scribble Archan Sticker

    Howdy! Kumos Sticker

    Scribble Kumos Sticker

    Yo! Tigrean Sticker

    Hey! Celinox Sticker

    You Make Me Smile! Sticker

    Nightmare Scribble Ghostly Sticker

    Scribble Galactic Popoko Sticker

    Aeanoids Rock! Sticker

    Big Headed Dragarth Sticker

    Big Headed Neela Sticker

    Goin Batty! Sticker

    Zombie Sticker

    Scribble Galactic Kanis Sticker

    Bloodred Scribble Devonti Sticker

    Chubby Holiday Mortiking Sticker

    Very Grumpy Sticker

    Little Fish Sticker

    Rawr! Sticker

    Chubby Sleepy Chai Sticker

    Lovely Experiment 3485 Sticker

    Party In Comfort Experiment 76166 Sticker

    Party In Comfort Experiment 625 Sticker

    Lovely Experiment 7777 Sticker

    Party In Comfort Experiment 7777 Sticker

    Lovely Experiment 0507 Sticker

    Party In Comfort Experiment 0507 Sticker

    Party In Comfort Experiment 1983 Sticker

    Two-Faced Sticker

    Smiling Atebus Fairy Sticker

    Chibi Shinwa Sticker

    Cute Emma Sticker

    Emma Sticker

    Oatmeal Approves Sticker

    Oatmeal Does Not Approve Sticker

    Neugarten Logo Sticker

    Beautiful Gunter Sticker

    Cute Oracle Sticker

    Pete Sticker

    Adorable Melody Sticker

    Melody Under the Mistletoe Sticker

    Cute Maleria Sticker

    Malisscious Sticker

    Aquilos Sticker

    Love You! Sticker

    Bebe Baaaaaa Sticker

    Lovable Aljex Sticker

    My SQL Sticker

    Happy Dark Matter Sticker

    Dark Matter Sticker

    Fat Bird Sticker

    Ta Sticker

    Lui Sticker

    I See You Sticker

    Roober Sticker

    Rambert Om Nom Sticker

    Oddtu Sticker

    Cloud Nine Kitty Sticker

    Unlucky Kitty Sticker

    Cotton Candy Kitty Cloud Sticker

    Sunset Kitty Cloud Sticker

    Ocean Kitty Cloud Sticker

    Clover Kitty Cloud Sticker

    Periwinkle Kitty Cloud Sticker

    Citrus Stuck Kitty Sticker

    Green Stuck Kitty Sticker

    Sky Stuck Kitty Sticker

    Black Bunny Sticker

    Gray Bunny Sticker

    Brown Bunny Sticker

    White Bunny Sticker

    Pink Bunny Sticker

    Yellow Bunny Sticker

    Green Bunny Sticker

    Blue Bunny Sticker

    Purple Bunny Sticker

    Blue Macaw Sticker

    Snooburb Sticker

    Lonely Chick Love Sticker

    Magnificent Hummingbird Sticker

    White Fuzzy Bat Sticker

    Black Rubber Ducky Sticker

    Red Rubber Ducky Sticker

    Green Rubber Ducky Sticker

    Blue Rubber Ducky Sticker

    Yellow BB Bear Sticker

    Blue BB Bear Sticker

    White Octopus Sticker

    Blue Octopus Sticker

    Purple Octopus Sticker

    Manatee Love Sticker

    White Seahorse Sticker

    Red Seahorse Sticker

    Yellow Seahorse Sticker

    Green Seahorse Sticker

    Purple Seahorse Sticker

    Silver Dolphin Sticker

    Red Dolphin Sticker

    Blue Dolphin Sticker

    Green Dolphin Sticker

    Silver Eel Sticker

    Blue Eel Sticker

    Green Eel Sticker

    Purple Eel Sticker

    Clown Fish Sticker

    Friendly Kraken Sticker

    I Love Reading! Sticker

    Black Ghosty Sticker

    Embarrassed Ghost Sticker

    Freezing Yeti Sticker

    Melting Snowman Sticker

    Green Grumpy Puff Red Rreign Sticker

    Beige Grumpy Puff Red Rreign Sticker

    Gray Angry Hello Red Rreign Sticker

    Angry Weathered Red Rreign Sticker

    Angry Red Rreign Sticker

    Angry Spiced Red Rreign Sticker

    Angry Harvest Red Rreign Sticker

    Angry Sunset Red Rreign Sticker

    Yellow Wreathed Glowing Red Rreign Sticker

    Yellow Wreathed Flame Throwing Red Rreign Sticker

    Purple Wreathed Hello Red Rreign Sticker

    Yellow Wreathed Hello Red Rreign Sticker

    Happy Weathered Wreathed Red Rreign Sticker

    Happy Wreathed Red Rreign Sticker

    Happy Sunset Wreathed Red Rreign Sticker

    Blue Smiley Spider Sticker

    Purple Smiley Spider Sticker

    Ladybug Sticker

    Happy Bee Sticker

    Rainbow Vortex Sticker

    I Heart Gray Sticker

    I Heart Orange Sticker

    I Heart Green Sticker

    I Heart Blue Sticker

    Kumos Moon Sticker

    Mesaa Planet Sticker

    Strong Armed Bowman Constellation Sticker

    Asteroid Sticker

    Black Hole Sticker

    Cutesy Shooting Star Sticker

    Bronze Star Sticker

    Siren Song Sticker

    Minion Love Sticker

    Good Smiley Sticker

    Lovely Smiley Sticker

    Sad Smiley Sticker

    Happy Smiley Sticker

    Repeating Beer Pattern Sticker

    Mostly Whole Pumpkin Pie Sticker

    Ice Cream Love Sticker

    Crazy Ice Cream Sticker

    Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sticker

    Chocolate Milk Sticker

    White Sand Sifter Sticker

    Blue Sand Sifter Sticker

    Ye Scurvy Sea Dog Sticker

    Beige Pirate Ship Sticker

    Green Pirate Ship Sticker

    Ahoy Matey! Sticker

    Happy Pirate Sticker

    White Pirate Boots Sticker

    Black Pirate Boots Sticker

    Blush Peony Sticker

    Yellow and White Iris Sticker

    Blue Iris Sticker

    Orange Stargazer Lily Sticker

    Purple Calla Lily Sticker

    Red Fall Flower Sticker

    Foggy Gray Fall Flower Sticker

    Brown Fall Flower Sticker

    Blue Fall Flower Sticker

    Black Rose Sticker

    Red Rose Sticker

    Blue Rose Sticker

    Good Morning Sticker

    Shy Sun Sticker

    Partly Cloudy Weather Sticker

    Snow Weather Sticker

    Sad Rainy Sticker

    Plushie Love Sticker

    Card Love Sticker

    Fur Mama Sticker

    Progress Not Perfection Sticker

    Dairy Free Sticker

    Cruelty Free Sticker

    Be Kind Sticker

    Make An Impact Sticker

    Green is the New Black Sticker

    Im With Her Sticker

    Reduce Reuse Recycle Repeat Sticker

    Nature is Overrated Sticker

    Youre Welcome Sticker

    Shiny Sticker

    RUM Sticker

    Frenemy Sticker

    Grandparent Sticker

    Blobbin Is My Specialty Sticker

    Stuck On You Sticker

    You Gelly Sticker

    Some Pig Sticker

    Ho Ho NO Sticker

    BRRR Sticker

    Season O Freezin Sticker

    Merry AF Sticker

    Dance on the Table Sticker

    Drink Champagne Sticker

    Be Part of the Solution Sticker

    Theyre Heeere Sticker

    Sometimes Dead Is Better Sticker

    Hail Insurance Sticker

    Birthday Hats Sticker

    Birthday Card Sticker

    Sweet 16 Sticker

    White Ouch Sticker

    Blue Ouch Sticker

    Suspicious Hatchet Sticker

    Pretty Blue Teacup Sticker

    Bright Luminaire Tree Sticker

    Nice to Meet You Sticker

    Icy Hot Bonfire Sticker

    Pirate Booty Sticker

    Silver Doubloons Sticker

    Bronze Doubloons Sticker

    Thumb Down Sticker

    Paint the World Sticker

    Spork Sticker

    Gray Cell Phone Sticker

    Yellow Cell Phone Sticker

    Orange Cell Phone Sticker

    Green Cell Phone Sticker

    Blue Cell Phone Sticker

    Purple Cell Phone Sticker

    Pink Cell Phone Sticker

    B Sticker

    E Sticker

    F Sticker

    G Sticker

    L Sticker

    S Sticker

    Y Sticker

    Apostrophe Sticker

    Ampersand Sticker

    Period Sticker

    Green 2011 Sticker

    Addition Sticker

    Multiplication Sticker

    Zero Sticker

    One Sticker

    Six Sticker

    Seven Sticker

    Bubbling Cauldron Sticker

    Zlomp! Sticker

    Zombie Braaains Sticker

    You Blow My Mind Sticker

    Zombie Heart Nomming Sticker

    Yellow Saw Time Sticker

    Blue Twisted Tree Sticker

    Black Twisted Tree Sticker

    Brown Zombie Stare Sticker

    Purple Zombie Stare Sticker

    Blue Confident Zombie Killer Sticker

    Pink Confident Zombie Killer Sticker

    Purple Confident Zombie Killer Sticker

    Yellow Confident Zombie Killer Sticker

    Angry Dark Matter Sticker

    Boo Sticker

    Bad Luck Club Sticker

    The Precious Blood Sticker

    Nobody Trusts Anybody Sticker

    Get Out Sticker

    I Came For You Sticker

    Klaatu Verata Necktie Sticker

    The Boogeyman is Real Sticker

    Wanna Play Sticker

    Thats Death Approaching Sticker

    Be Afraid Sticker

    Spicy Pepper Sticker

    Kiwifruit Sticker

    Evil Love Sticker

    Toofy Love Sticker

    Illuminating Star Sticker

    User Love Sticker

    Gift Gremlin Sticker

    Present Sticker

    Random Sticker

    Citrine Studded Snowflake Sticker

    Pawprint Sticker

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