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Shopkeeper of Quick Bites

  • Niece of Gunter and daughter of Bubbles
  • Good friends with Jo
  • Strongly regrets working in the food industry
  • While she'd never say so out loud, Anne does think her work hat is cute. However, that doesn't make her hate her job any less


Shopkeeper of Icy Goods

  • Apprentice to the Element Mage
  • Works well with colder elemental magic, though when she’s excited she tends to over do it. She managed to cover the entire Peka Park lands with a good foot of snow
  • Trains glacier ruffies and telenines and sometimes uses them for sled-travelling. She also raises and trains telerok puppies, but they tend to dislike pulling sleds!
  • Loves sledding and hiking in Ytiva's snowy mountains


Shopkeeper of Rathskeller Inn

  • Married to Angrybeard
  • Is known for constantly throwing Carl out of the Inn
  • Spends her spare time trying to set Rita and Anabelle up with various people in Port Plunder. They take it with stride but secretly can’t wait for the Freyalise to take off again
  • Has twins: a little dusk girl named Brunhilde the Blue and a little dawn boy named Bloodhungry
  • Doesn't have time for complaints about her food. You either like it or you don't, and she doesn't care which it is


Shopkeeper of Lost Skeleton

  • Loves a good pun
  • Brother to Gunter and father of Anne, although he does not remember either of them
  • Has taken to caring for the rats that hang around his place. He's named them all and is the only one who can tell them all apart
  • His apron was given to him by Rachelle, as a way of welcoming him to the Underground. He loves it and has worn it every day since


Shopkeeper of Weapon Warehouse

  • Believes in a strong offense above all else


Shopkeeper of Dara's Darlings

  • Knows about preparing tea thanks to an uncle, but isn't very fond of the drink. He has referred to it as "nothing more than hot leaf juice" on more than one occasion
  • In a relationship with Jogoh. He was the one to ask out Jogoh, which led to a very successful series of dates
  • Visits Maybel often to update her about his minions' latest hijinks
  • Has a favorite minion, though he'll never say which one it is


Shopkeeper of Candy Shack

  • Loves taffy above all other sweets
  • Makes her own candy inspired accessories
  • Enjoys coming up with winter based activities with Tobias
  • Always make sure to have a fresh batch of whatever sweets Fantine might need for baking


Shopkeeper of Half Baked

  • Good friends with Sarah
  • People often call her Elise; she's too shy to correct them
  • She loves keeping track of important dates for her friends, and takes a lot of pride in coming up with the best cake for the occasion
  • Gives new residents to the Underground a special cupcake as a welcome gift


Shopkeeper of Seedlings

  • Discovered Peka Glades
  • Wife of Esther
  • Friends with Nori; Emma's come to know a lot of people in the Vetan region, and reached out to Nori after realizing that, while she had heard of Nori, the two had never met
  • Very pleased with how the wedding charity went. Her and Esther couldn't agree on which thing to support, so in the end they decided to let their guests choose


Shopkeeper of Subeautique

  • Expects a lot out of her assistants, which is why she goes through them so quick
  • Likes dark rich coffees and will only drink out of her Elegant Antique Coffee Set, which was a gift from Sephora
  • Was planning on taking Mauve on as an apprentice but realized his talents were better suited for helping the less well-to-do while she handled the higher end clients
  • Has no problem giving her opinion. She judges everyone who comes into her shop and is not afraid to criticize them to their face


Shopkeeper of The Bake Stop

  • Became a zombie for a short period of time
  • Was in a relationship with Skitters, they parted ways amicably
  • Enjoys teaching people how to bake
  • Is grateful for the fact that Dolly always makes sure to have fresh sweets on hand for her. The fact that Fantine never asked for Dolly's help makes her appreciate it even more
  • Has found herself thinking up new recipes in her sleep. She keeps a notepad next to her bed so that she can jot down all her ideas


Shopkeeper of Get Mugged

  • Hates coffee; she would much rather have a nice cup of hot chocolate
  • Working to pay for school, where she's studying to be an engineer
  • Would like to intern at Yun Enterprises
  • Collects spare parts and other things people might refer to as 'trash' and builds little machines and sculptures in her spare time


Shopkeeper of Home Appliances

  • Good friends with Anne
  • She has very strong opinions about paint; do not get her started on whether an accent wall is needed or not
  • Is a big fan of Vesnali; she can make a mean floral arrangement but doesn’t like to talk about it
  • Helped plan the bouquets for Emma and Esther's Vesnali wedding, although she'll probably deny it if you ask her


Shopkeeper of Fine Fabrics

  • Spends a lot of time sketching out designs in a sketchbook that she always keeps on hand, as inspiration can come from anywhere
  • Has a close, strong relationship with her mother
  • Spends her off time bonding with minions at Dara's
  • In a relationship with Dara
  • Loves working one-on-one with people in order to make custom outfits. She likes having that connection and making people's visions come to life


Shopkeeper of Music Shop

  • Helped run Peka-Boo
  • Is in the classical bandGoodbye Virelai
  • Is known to be very rude to customers that do not take music seriously; he has actually banned people from his store for not appreciating the instruments
  • Very fond of customers who do appreciate music, and has no problem talking to them for hours
  • Will let loyal customers play the instruments whenever they want, and on more than one occasion has lent out an instrument free of charge. He firmly believes that a lack of money should not keep someone from enjoying music


Shopkeeper of Thimble & Co.

  • Daughter of Vanya
  • Has a son
  • Got into jewelry-making thanks to Mattieu; she now crafts most of her own jewelry, and teaches jewelry-making classes on the weekends
  • Her family has always been involved with crafts of one kind or another; her grandmother taught her how to knit, and now Joyce introduces her son to all sorts of different crafts in the hope that he'll find one he truly loves


Shopkeeper of Defend and Conquer

  • Blind
  • Has a voice crush on Titania Mcgee
  • Enjoys a good adventure; when he was younger he traveled the world with friends such as Laure, but in the recent years he’s gone on to travel solo
  • Has always listened to podcasts, and actually got into fighting and adventuring thanks to an adventure-themed podcast


Shopkeeper of Sole Train

  • Has 485 pairs of shoes and counting


Shopkeeper of Spells Galore

  • World traveler; surprisingly her favorite place to visit is the Darkside. The magical properties in the gasses are enough to interest her even with the lack of flora
  • Good friends with Sephora
  • While most of the things she finds while traveling are scroll ingredients, some are instead used in her own personal beauty products. She's created a special hair tonic to keep her hair healthy even in the worst environments, and she has shared a few of her most useful beauty secrets with Tae
  • Very interested in old lore and myths, and often travels in order to look for ways to make myths reality


Shopkeeper of Beach Shack

  • Helped run Peka-Boo
  • Works out daily, both before and after work
  • Learned to swim later in life; although she’s not terribly fond of it, even if she does love the beach
  • Forgot to wear sunscreen once and has never made that mistake again; always tells people to put on sunscreen
  • Went on a trip to someplace mildly cold and complained the entire time


Shopkeeper of Food Market

  • Is of Ji-Meneb descent
  • Platonic Soulmates with Nico
  • Has four siblings and plenty of nieces and nephews; one of her nieces named Squidley
  • Had to learn to sew after ripping open one too many pillows with her horns; has a large collection of poorly-mended pillows because of this
  • Rarely follows recipes to the letter, preferring to add her own flair to things; sometimes strays off a recipe too much and winds up with something that bears no resemblance to the original dish


Shopkeeper of Apocalyptic Apothecary

  • ”Helped” his friend close down the Magic Box and took over his stock
  • His tattoos are actually runes that sometimes move, which took many years to master
  • Does not sing while brewing potions, no matter what nosy neighbors and customers think
  • Has traveled all over Subeta to gain as much knowledge as possible on potion making. Thinks very highly of himself for doing so


Shopkeeper of Trading Card Center

  • Roommate of Nico
  • Started the EpiCON with Nico, where his game Mazes & Mahars was first released
  • Is a vegan
  • While he loves a good board game, he can usually be found at the library on Sundays checking out the newest fantasy books and getting recommendations from Alexander
  • Has recently started up a gaming podcast, on which Nico occasionally acts as guest host. The podcast started after Nico bet that Manwar wouldn't ever try 'these cool video games' and Manwar was determined to prove him wrong


Shopkeeper of Clothing Rack

  • Refuses to wear polyester
  • Collects scarves
  • Dapper So is his favorite Subeautique designer, although he also looks forward to seeing more from Este Evvu
  • Judges the outfits people wear into his store, although he always mentally kicks himself for doing so as he knows he has no right to judge


Shopkeeper of The Sable Smithy

  • Was a Special Ops Agent for SAI
  • Is dating Victoria Ventura
  • Has a soft spot for cats
  • Sets aside time once a year to take Vic on a mountain retreat
  • Is constantly having to shoo forj out of his forge


Shopkeeper of All That Glitters

  • Gets his jewelry materials from Captain Jacques himself
  • Is a drinking buddy of Jacques when the Freyalise is docked
  • Friends with Joyce; has babysat her son a few times, which included entertaining him with all sorts of crafts
  • Sometimes acts as a hair model for Tae


Shopkeeper of Minions Market

  • Served jail time for “liberating” minions from science facilities during her youth as a protester
  • Has taken Rumi under her rebellious wing; is Rumi’s first phone call if something were to happen such as a quick stint in jail
  • Meets up often with Dara to discuss proper minion care and swap stories of the strange and hilarious things their minions have done
  • Makes personalized photo frames for every minion that passes through her shop. She gets the wood for the frames from Wesley, and that just so happens to be how she met Rumi
  • Has always had an interest in graffiti, which she now shares with Rumi


Shopkeeper of Bits and Bytes

  • Roommate of Manwar
  • Platonic Soulmates with Liz
  • Loves all baked goods, especially fruit pies
  • In his spare time, he makes text based adventure games for Liz’s nieces and nephews and their friends to help develop their decision making skills
  • Uses his height advantage to mess with Liz by placing things she needs up high and out of her reach
  • Likes to visit Raffles and pet her; the lifelike dolls he gets are given to friends or donated to kids


Shopkeeper of Neelas

  • Brother of Sephora
  • Finds Merana bewitching
  • Has always let Sephora name the Neelas he cares for, even when she was younger and named them silly things. He still comes to her for name ideas!
  • Favorite treat is rich dark chocolate


Shopkeeper of Carnival Stand

  • Idolizes Batista
  • Has at least one of every lifelike doll
  • Often sneaks off to play with Raffles
  • is Mr. Manager


Shopkeeper of Accessory Bin

  • Has multiple tattoos and is currently planning her next one


Shopkeeper of Stick it to the Man!

  • #1 Rebel
  • Is a vegan
  • Eldest daughter of Wesley
  • Highly respects Maybel
  • After finding various interesting fungi, Rumi no longer dreads family nature trips and instead finds herself looking forward to them


Shopkeeper of Cavern of Curios

  • Sister of Qazim
  • When they were younger, she would beg Qazim to help her build blanket forts. By the time they reached adulthood, they had intricate forts down to a science. They still sometimes build one on their days off to relax!
  • Good friends with Laure
  • Is quite the crafter, though rather than selling the dolls she makes, she gives them to her friends or brother, as more often than not she has one of them in mind when making a doll
  • While she does enjoy the taste of Pomegranates, she enjoys more the memories of her brother finding them and gifting them to her when they were younger


Shopkeeper of Bean Me Up

  • Has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and uses a wheelchair or scooter to get about more comfortably
  • Makes beanbags to keep herself occupied and for her own comfort and entertainment
  • Runs a craft class for kids of all backgrounds to teach them how to mend and make
  • Lives in Saherimos and regularly helps Sephora out, and makes beanbags for Qazim's neelas which he picks up when visiting his sister
  • Likes to listen to Laure's tales of exploration, something she'd like to do but finds difficult
  • Has a friendly rivalry with Melman due to their differing tastes in Sci-fi space dramas


Shopkeeper of Grooming Parlor

  • Always has her hair styling kit with her
  • Used to change her hair on a monthly basis when she was younger
  • She originally went to school to become a chef, but quickly realized that she preferred mixing up hair products over making food
  • Works with up and coming stylists to design alternatives for those who can't afford products from more expensive places like Subeautique

  • Tobias

    Shopkeeper of Toy Box

    • Big fan of snowball fights
    • His favorite sport is hockey
    • Enjoys running winter actives with Dolly
    • His keyring consists of two keys and an ever-growing number of keychains


    Shopkeeper of Fresh and Flavorful

    • Loves Bok Choy
    • Was the first to return to the floating market
    • While he is currently content running his shop, he'd like to one day take a long trip around the world.
    • Very surprised and excited by all the customers his shop has gotten; he's really enjoyed getting to meet so many different people


    Shopkeeper of Philosopher's Store

    • Regular customer at Half Baked; Elsie knows his order of a Lemon Brainy Frosted Cookie and a Delicate Lime Puff Pastry and makes sure to have them fresh and ready for him
    • Other Unliving consider him quite attractive; he has many suitors
    • Is sympathetic towards those who have difficulty adjusting to being one of the unliving
    • Is friends with Zosi; likes coming up with new alchemy concoctions but keeps his distance when things are being made, just in case there are any explosions


    Shopkeeper of GoOutside

    • Was in a band in his youth
    • Has 5 kids, all daughters with Rumi being the oldest
    • Wife left him for another man
    • Loves the Vetan tradition of decorating the trees outside for Luminaire, and proudly carries it on with his daughters. He's big on protecting the forests around him, in part so that there will always been those wild trees to decorate, but mostly because he thinks it's the right thing to do


    Shopkeeper of Plushie Parlor

    • Her favorite plushie is an old hamster plushie named Ham
    • Likes to donate plushies to the less fortunate; believes that everyone should have a plushie to hug when they are sad
    • Wants to one day learn how to make her own plushies and be a famous toymaker like Vanya
    • Many people think her favorite book is The Nostalgic Kanis when really it's Pop-Up Book of Heroic Tales

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