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Is a Quest NPC

  • Good friends with Pete; often sets aside books with interesting or odd recipes for him
  • Is not a fan of water at all, which is highly unusual for an ontra
  • Is missing whiskers on the left side of his face; they never grew in as a child
  • Has a number of pen names he writes under; some have been discovered, but according to him there are still others that people have yet to find
  • Centropolis Fairy Tales is his favorite book; he likes how it makes him see the city in a new light, and it’s his go-to book to unwind with when he’s had a bad day
  • While generally kind, Alexander has little patience for anyone who acts destructive in his library

Allard Meriwether Chetwood

Is a Quest NPC

  • Close friend of Yaza the Oracle; has tea once a week with Yaza to gossip about the world
  • Has not found a favorite tea yet, even though he’s sampled numerous types over the years
  • Was a prankster in his youth, and still known to play a trick or two
  • No one knows exactly how powerful he is; he only gives the vaguest answers when asked
  • His memory isn’t quite what it used to be, though no one is quite sure if he’s actually forgetful or just pulling a long con
  • It’s said that he created Luna from the night sky, and that she is the mother of all kumos. Regardless of whether or not this is true, there is no denying that Luna is his best friend and faithful companion
  • Always wins at Bluff, much to Batista's annoyance


Is no longer a Quest NPC

  • Sarah’s little sister
  • Was successfully sacrificed to the sea witch Merana for looking like Shinwa
  • Loved the outdoors and was a very free spirit; Sarah could never seem to keep an eye on her no matter how hard she tried
  • Had a tendency to always bring home frogs and lizards and beg Sarah to be allowed to keep them; Sarah had to try very hard to convince Amy that the creatures would be happier if they were put back outside
  • While her friends have stopped giving gifts in her honor in recent years, they do still miss her and think about her often; Ricardo in particular tells Raffles stories about his adventures with Amy quite often


Is a Quest NPC

  • Enjoys Alegarten, and is often found at the Brewery during the holiday and even goes as far as to dress in traditional Alegarten clothes for Morostide
  • Even though he is often thrown out of Rathskeller Inn by Babette, he still highly respects her and is only a little terrified of her
  • Became good friends with Dirty Matty after they bonded over their shared love of a good drink, like the Rathskeller Inn’s famous Sailors Delight; he gave Dirty Matty a flask for any "emergencies" he may face out at sea
  • Considers himself an uncle to Babette's twins, and Babette and Angrybeard no longer try to convince him otherwise as he's now the most responsible they've ever seen him


Is a Quest NPC

  • Idolizes the Space Nomads, especially Celesse; she is never seen without her costume wings because of this
  • Mr. Buns, her bunny plushie, is her most treasured possession; she personally sews him back up when needed, which has led to him having a lot of messy stitches
  • Is friends with the Hustler, surprisingly enough; he doesn’t let her know about his more shady dealings, but does have new stickers for her whenever she visits
  • Is an orphan; almost always sneaks away from those in charge of her in order to play in the park
  • Is a math prodigy, which constantly surprises people

Dominic Saggitarius

Is a Quest NPC

  • Was once a legendary dragon slayer, though now he spends most of his time on The Council of Subeta
  • Enjoys telling stories of all sorts as long as he is the star
  • Is the descendant of another dragon slayer; while growing up he heard many stories of this distant relative and those stories are what made him want to achieve the same heroic status
  • Has a huge ego and loves all things extravagant; has been called a narcissist many, many times
  • No longer in the fighting shape he used to be in, but hides it well

The Elemental Mage

Is a Quest NPC

  • Creator of the Graveyard Potion
  • Suffered greatly in his quest for all elemental knowledge
  • Currently teaching Aspen who has a good handle on ice magic; has had other students in the past but has yet to find one who can master all the elements
  • Has excellent control over all elements, but is considered the master of death above all else
  • Has been called the Elemental Mage for so long that he's almost forgotten his old name on more than one occasion; very few, if any, people know what his name used to be
  • Continues to study magic in an effort to better teach his students; dislikes when people stop by for no reason and interrupt his studies
  • Fond of Quentin and willingly gave them amulets to hand out as prizes so that more people would visit them. The Elemental Mage didn't mind doing so, as he knew the amulets would make it back to him eventually

Major Drills

Is a Quest NPC

  • Friends with Jim; he set up in Riverside at Jim’s request and the two will help the other out whenever necessary
  • Many people think his Morostide costume is a joke, but he actually has the utmost respect for dancers; he admires their dedication and grace
  • Is very critical of Pete’s food choices, and is always giving him tips on how to cook and eat healthier
  • While he's known for yelling, he's actually quite kind to kids and people who are genuinely trying their best


Is a Quest NPC

  • Was once friends with Shinwa
  • Has a rather large sweet tooth, a fact which many think is at odds with her rather not-sweet personality
  • Loves to assure herself of her own beauty but hates the sight of her own reflection as it reminds her of everything that led to her banishment
  • Has chosen to channel all her rage and resentment about her situation into an even stronger desire for power
  • The Gate Keeper keeps an eye out for magical artifacts that could benefit her and also keeps her up to date on all the comings and goings of the Darkside
  • Is getting increasingly into the rave scene


Is a Quest NPC

  • One half of the girl who used to be Mono Ri
  • Longs for the day when she is finally able to destroy Nori and take her proper place at Maleria's side
  • Views Nori as nothing more than her own weakness; will not consider herself whole and strong until Nori is gone
  • While she'd never admit it, there is some good in her. Maybe it's not a lot, but it's there, just like how Nori has the smallest bit of evil in her. Mori does everything she can to keep the good in her hidden


Is a Quest NPC

  • One half of the girl who used to be Mono Ri
  • Wishes she could enjoy just one sunset without dreading Mori’s appearance
  • Shinwa taught her how to wield the power of light to keep her darker half at bay
  • Friends with Emma; was reluctant to get too close to anyone, but Emma convinced her that she shouldn’t be afraid of having friends
  • Starting to get more comfortable with herself and try new things, like hiking. She still feels like a danger to others due to the situation with Mori, but she's come to realize that she can still try to enjoy life


Is a Quest NPC

  • Is a friend to anyone who appreciates food, and enjoys taking the time to discuss various foods with anyone who is interested
  • Takes leftover food at the end of every week and gives it to the Recycle Beast
  • Good friends with Alexander; often tries out new and interesting seafood recipes to share with him
  • Incredibly fond of Tae; helped her realize that her true passion wasn’t food and supported her decision to change paths
  • Is still working on trying as many foods as possible; he has come to realize that he will never be able to try every food, but he's okay with this as it means that people are always coming up with new and exciting things
  • Loves to make people smile and doesn't care how silly he has to be to do so. For example, he'll model wigs for Tae, the more ridiculous, the better


Is a Quest NPC

  • Is of Ji-Meneb descent
  • Is very close to Ian Asmodeus, they are practically siblings
  • Prefers not to disclose their gender identity
  • Enjoys having people visit them at the Graveyard, though it doesn’t happen that often
  • Likes making up and telling spooky stories, but worries about frightening people too much
  • Elwood is the only person that Quentin has ever publicly expressed dislike towards
  • Friend to all bugs, no matter how many legs they have
  • Loves making new friends, whether they're dead or alive
  • Regularly visits the Underground to look for interesting bugs. Many of the residents there look forward to their visits


Is a Quest NPC

  • Has very strong opinions about what makes a true warrior; strongly dislikes Jim for encouraging people to become the “wrong” kind of warrior
  • Has no less than three weapons on him at all times, which have all been forged by Mathis who earned his respect a long time ago. His armor, however, is all made by himself because he doesn’t quite trust anyone else to keep him safe
  • Lost his eye when he was young by getting too cocky during training, has since learned from his mistakes and warns others of the dangers of being too careless in battle
  • Knows more than you


Is a Quest NPC

  • Good friends with Elsie; she and Elsie have a lot in common and are the same age
  • Loves the outdoors, even more than her sister did
  • Very good with children; she’s watched Wes’ kids for him many times and even taken them along on hikes
  • Fond of flowers, which led to her becoming friends with Esther and Emma
  • Helped Emma and Esther with their wedding preparations and the cleaning up afterwards
  • Was the one to get Tempest ready to be the ring bearer and gets a lot of visits from Tempest now


Is a Quest NPC

  • Was once friends with Maleria
  • Is incredibly vain as a result of everything she’s been through; she feels as though she has nothing left but herself
  • Very lonely; while she has many visitors, they do not stay long, and rarely does she grow close to them
  • Hates the position she’s in; she resents that she must watch Maleria and be watched by the Oracle. Even the regard of the Saheric people rarely brings her any true joy
  • Has a huge soft spot for kids, as they see her and not her power; the fact that she was the reason for Amy’s death has all but destroyed her
  • Has gotten careless with her artifacts of power; her bracelet in particular is often lost, and while she does try to get it back, she no longer sees the point
  • Has taken up stone carving as a hobby and distraction. She's slowly been fixing up her temple with new, carved decorations


Is a Quest NPC

  • Close friend of Allard the Wizard; has tea once a week with Allard to gossip about the world
  • Favorite tea is green, with a touch of citrus
  • Rarely goes by her given name of Yaza; prefers to be refered to as the Oracle by those she does not know personally
  • Has grown very fond of the Sacred Lands and considers it home; she can’t stand the thought of ever having to leave
  • The people who live the closest to the Oracle have come to see her as a sort of mother figure; she’s always willing to stop and take the time to talk to them about their lives and families, even giving advice when asked for it
  • Tries to be more of a friend than an authority figure to Shinwa, but this has only led to Shinwa pushing her further away
  • Does not talk about how she lost her wing; the event was physically and mentally traumatic. She began carrying her staff after the loss of the wing, as she needed something to lean on as she healed from the injury and tried to adjust to the sudden lack of weight on that side
  • Her home is full of scattered notes about various visions. She tries to organize them when she has the time, but often finds that the notes make little sense or are unimportant

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