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Survival NPCs


Leader of the Z Coalition

  • Her name comes from the large X on her face. She's embraced it so much, she even uses an X in her signature
  • Manipulated the events a few years back in a way that Skitters had to agree to rule the Underground with her, or he'd risk driving a deeper wedge between the two opposing sides
  • Claims Eugenio (more commonly known as Nacho Muerte) as a friend. He, however, does not feel the same
  • Prefers the term 'zombie' instead of undead or unliving


Runs the VIP (Voluntary Infection Program)

  • "Young" entrepreneur
  • Appointed head of VIP by Ecks
  • Loves daytime television, especially game shows
  • Gets his suits custom-made by Esmerelda herself. They are the only things he ever pays a human for


Shopkeeper of L'amour Parlor

  • Doesn't discriminate between humans and the undead; he thinks love is for everyone
  • Pesters the different clothing vendors throughout the year to include more pinks and reds
  • Enjoys a good mulled wine, though he will gladly drink any type of wine
  • Runs a love blog where he deals with relationship advice, matchmaking quizzes, and love empowerment


Shopkeeper of Zombie Den

  • Saved money for a skyscraper home, but never moved even when he finally saved enough, and there have been signs that he's instead used the money to help out people and businesses in the Underground
  • Is surprisingly eloquent when he writes
  • Wishes everyone could get along, and even opened his shop up to everyone in an effort to foster good will between the living and unliving
  • Was in a relationship with Fantine, they parted amicably

Masquerade NPCs


Works at Yun Enterprises - Purveyors of Plans

  • Makes intricate brass and metal jewelry; Vic often helps her find the necessary materials
  • Speaks with an over the top accent that she may be exaggerating for attention
  • Gives out brass rose petals to the men she’s been intimate with
  • Is affectionately referred to as the Poodle by Garret, with whom she had a brief affair that nearly tore their friendship with Jules apart
  • Has been friends with Vic since they were both young; Vic is the only woman that Adriette has managed to maintain a friendship with


Works at Yun Enterprises - Purveyors of Plans

  • Openly pansexual
  • Middle child with four sisters; believes that growing up with such strong bonds with his sisters and parents led to him being able to form lasting friendships later in life
  • Close friends with Jules Yun
  • Overly confident and not very humble


Works at Yun Enterprises - Full Steam Ahead

  • Built/adopted son of Vernon Yun
  • Genteel and polite
  • Cares particularly for Vic Ventura
  • Despite the fact that he cannot and need not eat, he has an appreciation for food; he considers it an art due to the work that people put into coming up with new recipes and visually pleasing ways of displaying food


Works at Yun Enterprises - Purveyors of Plans

  • Son of Vernon Yun, adopted brother to Isaac Yun and heir to Yun Enterprises
  • Romantically obsessed with Adriette; she is aware that he has feelings for someone, but has not realized that those feelings are for her
  • Kind of a grumpy pants
  • Adventure enthusiast; often bankrolls his friends' wishes/dreams which leads to wild adventures
  • Close friends with Garret
  • Vic is his closest confidant


One of the Founders of Yun Enterprises

  • Vic Ventura’s Uncle
  • Was Vernon Yun’s business partner
  • Backstabber
  • Vain and never willing to disclose his age
  • Supported Vic's interest in mechanics and engineering when she was a child; he gave her books on the subject and would spend time building things with her


Shopkeeper for Migrating Masks

  • Creates every mask in her store; at one time, she was able to do them all by hand but due to arthritis, she has had to find other ways to create the masks
  • Enjoys scaring kids with different masks, though the brave children that don’t run off are usually rewarded with a custom mask
  • Believes that there is a perfect mask for everyone, and that the right mask will fill the wearer with happiness
  • She's considered very mysterious by the people of Ziara, with some believing that she is even older than Atebus itself; she neither confirms nor denies any rumors surrounding her, choosing instead to simply smile serenely at anyone who brings them up


Investigates serious matters like murder

  • First name is Albert, but he is very rarely referred to by this name
  • Married to Adedayo “Addie” Mohammed
  • Has one son, named Junior Inspector Etien Thorpe
  • Investigated the death of Vernon Yun, before those pesky time travelers used the rift
  • Has a mustache that is envied by many and no he won’t discuss the upkeep it takes


One of the Founders of Yun Enterprises

  • At one point, Vernon was considered dead and his murder was investigated by Inspector Thorpe. However, thanks to certain meddling people and the rift, he’s once again alive and well!
  • Jules’ and Isaac’s father
  • Was a business partner of Marcel’s
  • After his wife's death, his relationship with his son Jules became very strained; they are on better terms now, and Vernon is proud of the work Jules has done with Yun Enterprises since being left in charge along with Isaac


Works at Yun Enterprises - Purveyors of Plans

  • Goes by Vic
  • Dating Mathis
  • Skilled engineer, mechanic, and inventor
  • Loves to fly and often finds useful things, which has led to Garret calling her Magpie; she enjoys the nickname, especially because it’s from someone she sees as an older brother
  • Has known Adriette since they were children
  • Is considered to be the logical one in her friend group; she is also the one who mediates any spats that arise in said group

Vesnali NPCs


Travels around Subeta causing it to rain on Mondays

  • Loves hugs
  • First spotted a few Vesnalis ago, though everyone thought she was something terrible. Really, all she wanted was to make friends!
  • Loves all types of honey, but storm honey is her favorite


Runs at Esther's Shop

  • Is the head of all Vesnali celebrations, even runs a shop during the holiday where you can find gardening items, spring delights, and other fun things
  • Wife of Emma
  • When she isn’t working on Vesnali events, she can usually be found gardening. She and Emma share a general love of nature and the outdoors, which is why they named their team Team Nature for the 2016 Snowman Competition

Keel Hauliday NPCs


Runs the Freyalise Trading Co. when crew is docked

  • Visits Sarah when she has a chance, often with gifts that she and Jacques set aside for her
  • People often underestimate Anabelle as she does not look like what they expect of a pirate. Anabelle thinks this is ridiculous, and firmly believes that she is no less tough for liking makeup and looking pretty
  • Loves to practice throwing knives and darts in her spare time. She tends to use posters of people as her targets, and enjoys unsettling onlookers when she lands hits in uncomfortable places with barely an effort
  • Babette is constantly trying to set up dates for Anabelle, which Anabelle declines as politely as possible, often by pointing out that she needs to run the Trading Co. or other money-related ventures


Chef for the Freyalise

  • Married to Babette
  • Has twins: a little dusk girl named Brunhilde the Blue and a little dawn boy named Bloodhungry
  • Has kept in contact with Charity since her short time on the Freyalise. They often send recipes back and forth via Lookout the Savvy Chirps
  • Is very health conscious, to the point where he constantly checks the crew for any signs of scurvy or other illnesses. You’ll regret coughing near him because you’ll be quarantined with only a stuffed animal for a friend, wrapped in a blanket from who knows where, and stuffed with strong mystery soups

Dirty Matty

Deckswabber on the Freyalise

  • Very small, but still as dangerous in a fight as the rest of the crew
  • Like any good pirate, Matty enjoys his liquor. He even created a drinking game to pass time, something that his good pal Carl appreciates
  • Was a good friend to Amy when she was aboard the Freyalise, where they played a lot of Go Fish together. He hasn't touched a deck of cards since her death

Fishbreath Jacques

Captain of the Freyalise

  • Is a drinking buddy of Mattieu when the Freyalise is docked
  • Shameless flirt
  • Secretly loves seahorses
  • Is never seen without his polly minion
  • Has yet to forgive himself for not saving Amy
  • Jacques often gets too enthusiastic during combat practice and accidentally throws his cutlass overboard. Rita no longer lets him use the good weapons for practice, and threatens to withhold them during real battles, too


First Mate of the Freyalise

  • Dreams of running her own ship and crew one day, though she knows she won’t leave the Freyalise crew because they’d be lost without her
  • Keeps a stash of Doubloons Stickers to give to Brunhilde and Bloodhungry, just until they’re less likely to choke on actual loot
  • Was the one to suggest bringing cats on board. She favors Kneebone, though she appreciates the pirate spirit of Willet
  • Babette is always trying to set her up with people, but Rita considers herself married to the sea

Alegarten NPC


Runs Selbstgebraute and Springstreet Brewery

  • Lost to Angrybeard in a drinking contest, which deeply upset him. Rosemary cheered him up by giving him Oatmeal to take care of
  • Has surprised a lot of people by going vegan. He said his new outlook on life is due to taking care of Oatmeal
  • Uncle to Anne and brother to Bubbles
  • Tends to get very melancholy after drinking too much; feels guilty over what happened between him and his brother over the brewery
  • While he opened his brew club to keep himself busy throughout the year, he also looks forward to spending more time with the community and getting their feedback

Luminaire NPCs


Gives gifts out during Luminaire

  • Has a pet anyu named Havarr, who enjoys helping her give out gifts
  • Is difficult to get to know. She's afraid to open up and give her opinion on anything, as she worries that she will offend or disappoint people. This has led to her having few, if any, good friends
  • Spends most of her time alone, occupying her time with coloring books and little crafts
  • Has a guilty pleasure for advert jingles


Runs his toy workshop

  • Is an avid chess player and is currently trying to teach his grandson the art
  • He keeps active by doing pilates, which helps him avoid feeling stiff after hours of work hunched over his bench making toys
  • He enjoys ice fishing and ice diving
  • Father to Joyce

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